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Topless Benin Girl

2006-09-27 01:10:00

Topless Benin Girl
Pobe to Cove Benin
Cove Benin West Africa
Sunday, September 17, 2006

National Geographic gets away with it, how about HoboTraveler.com… hmmm.

I have a couple of photos now of Benin women walking around with not top or shirt on. Interesting behavior, not common, old women all the time, however the younger one no, however there is functional or some common reasons.

I am traveling north away from the coast; I believe the civilizations will become different, as there is a reason for isolation. A mountain range and a valley, far way from the closest city, etc.

1. Breast feeding, about anywhere on the planet except the modern countries they will pop it out, so 80 percent of the planet. Africa is just a little more quick to do so; however, they may just drop the whole top of their dress.

2. Hot - old women seem to do this, just drop the top.

3. Working with gravel, or in the fields, they seem to just drop the top, not all, but some, a few, hard to say, difficult to go see them work, or to see them close enough. People will change if they see a white man.

4. Isolated villages

5. Around the home, walking around, to the shower, or just hanging in the doorway, the home or territory is open game for dropping the top.

6. Walking down the road, not normal hard to find, difficult to photograph.


- Fon, also called the Agadja, an ethnic group of the Republic of Benin whose ancestors built the powerful precolonial Kingdom of Dahomey. - (2)

This is a probability a Fon speaking women, as they seemed to claim Fon in Pobe and now for sure the speak or claim Fon in Cove, Benin, I would assume in between this women is most likely a speaker of the Fon language.

There are separations by language, religions, then money, or working for the government, or business that partner with government.

Topless Benin Girl

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