Togoville First Topless Woman

Togoville First Topless Woman
Togoville Togo
Thursday, September 6, 2006

Yesterday I saw my first women ever just walking down the street with her breast bare flapping in the wind… Hehehe

I went a small distance north away from the Ocean, my theory is the farther inland the more primitive the cultures will become, or in a city versus countryside way, the farther from the city, the more primitive they become.

I have seen many breast, mostly to do with breastfeeding a baby, however the world is becoming more modest.

This may not be correct, they may become fashion conscious, a girl wishes to be modern and fashionable, the less modern, the less fashion conscious. The more practical they become, in a completely practical society, women would not wear clothes when they are too hot.

I think maybe the women I saw was tired of pulling her dress down to feed the baby, and just left it down by the waist. This is not a pretty site, or an alluring thing, not fashionably pretty, done by older women.

On the practical side, a girl will take off her clothes to wash; I saw this in Guatemala near Tikal. I have seen many times, nothing new.

In India it is possible to see a man stop, pull his trouser down and defecate or go number two anywhere, not normal, in Africa sometimes. India many times, but a primitive culture.

I have a movie function to my Sony Digital Camera, I think a 360 or rotated photo of the market here would be interesting. A good movie needs a theme, and demonstrations, hard to push people into being my selfish wants, a camera operator is needed, and then I could push people around or make them feel famous, lead them anywhere I wanted to lead. This is how CNN does it, they just lead the witness.

Togoville First Topless Woman

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