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Television in Benin

2006-09-27 01:40:00

Television in Benin
Cove Benin West Africa
Monday, September 18, 2006

I have TV in about 75 percent of my rooms, the quality of rooms is better than most backpacking I have done, however the price is also double, about 16 dollars on averages as opposed to 8 in Asia, Central and South America and India. Europe is full of tourist backpackers.

There is no English station, or is there, I was watching CNN for two minutes in Pobe, Benin, I started channel surfing, found one more station came back and it was gone. I could not return to CNN.

This is a big house or apartment down near the corner, there is a big dish on top, there are these dishes everywhere.

I think the owners of the hotels are doing the we control the one or two stations sent to all the rooms, and there is only one, hmm, router or receiver that take the satellite signal and puts it onto the cable. I basically always have to watch what the reception people want to watch, this mean about 50 percent music, 25 percent football, and then who knows what, in Ghana religion.

Maybe 75 percent Music TV.

Maybe I can go down to the reception TV and ask them to put on CNN or any English news channel, if they have one, we are close to Nigeria, Anglophone country therefore probably CNN is there, I can see if the world still exist as I know it…

Television in Benin

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