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Quidah Benin

2006-09-13 03:30:00

Quidah Benin
Saturday, September 9, 2006

I seen two French boys, I think, that was a surprise here, I made my first ever complete tours of all the Hotels in the LP, amazing, I paid about 1000 Mille or 2 Dollars US, for a series of different taxis to take me to every isolated hotel with no people in the city.

I like to be in the middle, the Ermitage has a sign 1000 for one hour, not a good sign, when there is a bar next to it.

The in the center, Oasis was closed, not open and was supposed to be up market, I am never sure what their impression is.

I have resorted to going to the Internet first, then trying to find a hotel close to the internet. I rather think the internet is more in the areas I like to live.

I am in the Hotel Paniff or something now, 8000 and a nice room, a couple of rooms may even have people, there is a TV with two French stations.

The hotel was the only one where I even got a smile out the reception persons that was a bonus and sold me. It however, is too far from the city, and I will need to either commit to a daily one-kilometer walk or hope a taxi comes down the deserted road. I am not sure; I think a lot of business is isolated boom boom, on vacation boom boom, a nice hotel with a topless girl stature in side.

I saw a line of girls walking from the fields, I am on the outskirts of this lack of civilized city and I can see a walk away from the city would be nice.

From the border of Togo to Grand Popo, they grew many vegetable, with man forms of irrigation I had never seen before. As I left Grand popo there was a large Marche or Market on the river that was cool, I looked hard trying to find a hotel in the middle of Africa, but no luck.

Quidah Benin

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