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Porto Novo Shower

2006-09-26 02:26:00

Porto Novo Shower
Porto Novo, Benin West Africa
Friday, September 15, 2006

I am very happy tonight; I finally know I can take a good hot dip shower because I purchased a new bucket. In the Hotel Capitale here in Porto Novo, there is a large bucket already. It even appears clean, amazing to me how many hotels just allow items, like buckets, toilet seat, walls steadily filthy over time, how can cleaning staff ignore so much for so long, it is not Africa, it is the whole planet in a way. A hotel seems to be great when first constructed, and then steadily goes down after that.

This room in the Hotel Capitale in Porto Novo, Benin is spotless, for 8500 CFA, it is not a good price on a world comparative market. Nevertheless, for West Africa it is good. Parking seems to be the need for hotel; I think most Hotels in Africa have parking. They assume people are driving to the hotel.

I think my new bucket will hold about 10 gallons of water, if I also used my 4 gallon other one, I can have 14 gallons of hot water, more than adequate to clean my hair, my body, in complete comfort of hot water. A dip shower is the only way to go for a mobile, or any camping type shower situation. Dip showers require about five times less water to bath, and then a shower, the efficient use of water is great.

Black Plastic Portable Shower
I was thinking about the portable shower bag that hold five gallons, this could be OK, if they made it easy to turn off the water, turn on quick, later up, then rinse with a pull. They are amazing worthless for showering in my opinion. A dip shower is many times better.

I think of the American public, they are shopping crazy, they entertain themselves by buying. As I type, I think many persons would consider my dwelling or obsessing on small thing inane or needless. I know they think always in terms of me being on vacation. I think of me living here in Benin, then next I will live in Niger, I was living in Togo, etc.
I purchase very little, the actual dollars amounts spent by me on items is less probably than 10-15 dollars per month. I may have increased this to 30-40 because I am buying speculative items quicker to I can test for a Travel Tip. I will buy something I believe is of no value, use, check, just to see if my new idea, or some travel gear is of any value.

I do not buy travel gear in the USA or Europe, it is too depressing to want to uses and item, then know it can break or you lose it. Then I think about buying a new one again in five months when I return to some rich country. Then I have trouble finding, I must really be in the USA to find thing quick.

I have the round rubber plug for a sink; I use it constantly here in Africa, as I have to always wash my clothes by hand. I am also realizing, I must cover the shower drain or the sewer smells will fill my room. Many hotels rooms smell on the planet because the drains do not have traps on them. They do not seem to want to install them on the shower drains here; however, the bathroom sing generally has a trap.

Porto Novo Shower

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