Porto Novo Hotel

Porto Novo Hotel
Porto Novo Benin West Africa
Friday, September 15, 2006

I like to use the guide, I stopped at the Hotel D├ętente first, zero people, and isolated. Went a long distance for a Motorcycle Taxi or Moto and ended up in the Hotel Capitale. A lot of friendly faces waving me into the place. YehBoo.

8500 CFA for a room with a Fan, TV in French, and all the cold-water showers I want to take. The room is excellent, new, and bright; however, some reason has no screens on the windows. I think there is this if we have an Air Conditioner we do not need a screen. Louvered windows are the standard of Africa, and they do not stop mosquitoes.

If I every could get used to the price, I would be very happy with the quality of rooms in West Africa, I just cannot complain, they are good rooms, not big on hot water, but so be it.

I timed myself, it took me 30 minutes to pack in the Crillon Hotel in Cotonou, Benin, I really hate to pack and unpack, and unpacking is easier, because I can just get more things out as I want or need. I keep trying to find a way to be faster, but I am a clutter perfect, the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle, photographic memory mechanic. I spread out and remember exactly where I drop something.

The goal is to pack in 5 minutes, I think it is possible, yet I need to somehow keep the clothes in the backpack organizer and not on the floor.

I purchased a new larger second bucket; it will hopefully allow me to keep more organized. I think the problem is the soft nature of a bag, it makes looking in and out of the bag a problem. I cannot just leave things in the bag or I get a claustrophobic feeling of packing. I like to see what I am looking at, however there are many things, hardly ever used.

The Hotel Capitale here in Porto Novo is ok, think the place is short on Internet, but I hope to find some and move on down the road.

Porto Novo Hotel

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