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Pobe Benin Economics

2006-09-27 00:49:00

Pobe Benin Economics
Pobo Benin
Saturday, September 16, 2006

I do not understand how people of the world make money. I am serious, the majority of the world the so called underdeveloped, the 80 percent normal planet does very little in a day. I do very little, I have time to watch, and none of us are doing much. Although I am working in my projects in a more abstract manner, and I earn money from advertisements on my page.

However, there is the moto driver, he makes about 100-200 Fan per trip, he has maybe at best 2 trips per hour, the majority of time he sits and talks with his buddies. Say, he has 20 trips per day, he makes about 20 dollars US, and I think much less than this, maybe five dollars. The girls selling toothpick sticks, she is probably contributing to the family and if she makes 2 dollar per day good.

All in all, where does the money come from, it is more the barter of things, however replaced with money. I think all money comes from the land, the resources, the oil, the food grown, and then all the others monies being made are just money being distributed.

The world has poor people it seems because what they want to sell has no value, plus the person buying, also sells or does nothing of value all day, then up and down the chain.

The world is the same, many people sitting, watching each other, nobody doing much work in reality. They have spurts, a crop comes in they work for a month, but after that they spend the year waiting again for the crop.

I do not know, there is just too many people on the planet making, growing, or selling something nobody wants. The world wants to buy, however many strange and not needed items, or minimal earning to sell. I person is not meant to survive selling toothpicks, or cell phone cards.

I can see that all people want to have anything and everything they want, however very few know how to work for what they want, they need to be told.

Pobe Benin Economics

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