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Photos of Togo Ghana

2006-09-02 02:35:00

Photos of Togo Ghana
Lome Togo

I am trying to discover a quick way to put up many photos daily, I can take photos very fast, however, to write the captions just takes a long time. The depressing part is my need for instant completion high, I want to do a photo project, then publish the project, blog it, send it, and check it, I want to be completed from A to Z, and no missing alphabet soup.

Murphy’s Law, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong is on hyper active alert status in West Africa when it comes to the Internet. I am presently having two absurd problems in the Vitamin Deficit managed internet café here in Lome, Togo. I have difficult getting Electricity, and second the man wants to cheat me daily. I have finally decide, either the Vitamin Deficit mind, really cannot do math, or he is a cheat. I think both at the same time actually. I have resorted to doing my normal strategy with cheat, I only have exact change. This makes finishing a project a lottery, do I have exact change for the amount of time it takes in the internet.

His bad breath also does not help, but more normal than you think. I am amazed at the workers in Internet Cafes in Africa, I personally could talk for day about Internet Cafes on the planet. Normally you have some quick math guys or girls in internet cafes. The ones in Africa are extreme slow speed, I am not sure if they can calculate in their heads. I usually am correct, they are wrong. Amazingly sad to see this actually, not a normal internet café staff person.

One of these days, I will come up with a new way to post photos faster, I am not sure how, I just know I can always improve. I keep hoping to send links, with one teaser photo in the blog, the send the readers to the link, this is a bigger money maker for me… hehehe

Any newsletter that forces you to leave the newsletter or blog is doing it to earn more money. I really do not want to stop putting photos in the blog, I want to give you the whole and complete group of photos that I took around the subjects.
I was explaining to Stellan the Swede how to make money with a blog, newsletter or writing on the internet. In the end, he wants to be famous, not to write, but that is a different curve ball.

But I was here, explaining, using a magazine or newspaper as an example. The take a photo, then write an article around the photo. Each article has one subject, a title, a brief synopsis to start, then they go into longer detail as they start, middle, and finish the story.

Blogger, wish to tell a long litany story, sometimes up to 10 pages of their monologue trip. Way more than average Joe blow can read in the three minute they can concentrate. They are gone, I was also trying to encourage him to write daily. He sends the post to his mom and she post anyway, so she does the heavy lifting.

Oh well, but while talking, I realized, I do not do what I say, I do limit to one subject, I do keep in the middle somewhere, maybe start and finish one subject. But I do not wrap photos in this way, I put many photos and captions below in groups of five, as if they are all related.

I am thinking one photo and a link to 10-30 I took in the one out walking around taking photos trip would be better wrapped and complete thought. Time is the enemy, but I end up putting the caption on as I go, or when I send the newsletter, either way, I am putting them caption on.

I can make a link with all the photos in less than 5 minutes, I can make the links for up to 100-200 photos in 10 minutes maximum now, it just is boring work to put captions on. I could send with no captions, but that is boring.

Maybe I can hire a little elf and put in my bag, to put captions on, maybe it can be a girl elf. I do not like putting captions on photos. The photo was finished when I took the photo, the thought was done for me, not for you, but for me, I was completed, I thought about it.

Photos of Togo Ghana