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Peace Corp Isolation

Peace Corp Isolation
Lome Togo

I walked in the internet café, finished up, said good bye in English to the Vitamin Deficit man, and turn around, some lady says,
- Where are you from. -
I say,
- The USA. -
She says,
- Yes, I know, but where.-
I say,
- Fort Wayne, Indiana, then north to a small village. -
Village is not used in the USA, I should have said Town, but I am not from the USA anymore, I am citizen of nowhere.

Ok, she is a mental health counselor, she said she works with Peace Corp or sometime does.
I say,
- Yep, some of them need help. -
I am making a joke, I think she is just talking,
- Yes, surprising the problems they have. -
I say,
- They did volunteer to sit in nowhere for a long time. -

I am thinking she is talking, however, she is serious, she is really giving counseling to the 2 year committed to living in a village Peace Corp Volunteers. I am think,
- Kick their A S S back home. -
Geez, I do hope the Peace Corp is not paying for counseling to Peace Corp Volunteers, but the lady seems to say they are…

Volunteer and cost the USA a lot of money.

Volunteers are sort of one step about a Choir Boy, they are not the super old, the super achievers. Although she says they are all type A personalities. I just saw about 25 more or less going to their villages.

I would think then I am Alpha Male, Type A, Red Meat Raw, cut a throat-per-day man. They are kids, not enough gumption to push, smart, educated, but not yet dry behind the ears. They are in my eyes, about 20 and less, maybe 25 and less in age, or younger. Never been away from home, yep, they probably need counseling.

These kids in the Peace Corp do a tough job, the learn the local languages, they become disillusioned, they learn they do very little, mostly they learn, and nothing happens. The biggest and best thing about Peace Corps in my brain, is that an American spends two years in one place, when they are not on vacation with their buddies at some backpacker hostel. They learn the one culture, they know more than most, they spent 2 years in one area of the world. The can now take that knowledge and help the CIA. That is a joke, but also true, they have a resume stamp that can get them a job overseas. I did, I did the two years. I did not quit.

I admire the Peace Corp Volunteers, if it is possible for me to admire a volunteer….

But counseling for isolation, deal with it, grow up, buck up, and get on with it.

Isolation is not a killer, it is boring, difficult, and you need to become your own best friend. Being most youth have no clue who they are, hard to even like the person they find… hehehe

Isolation, I could talk, let me think. I think I could write, three, 225 Trade Size Paperback books on how to deal with Isolation in travel or how to avoid, how to find intimacy in 5 minutes, and which cultures are stones. Africa is far from a STONE, it make China like Hell, and Asia like the sister of Hell. Africa is a very warm and friendly place, the Vitamins are missing for breakfast, slow on the draw, not a overly amount of active brain work here. But easy to find some friend that has a little interest in you besides money. And then, with a purchase or two you can purchase a conversation for less than 50 cents U.S.

The men have problems, I think they think they are macho, but only in groups, not a one on one thing.

Isolation, living in one place, hard to be isolated. Living every other week in another city, and it is easy. Amazing, I can start to work a city in the first day, know everyone in two, and have figured out how to do about anything in 7.

I would never feel isolated in one location, I have to move and leave all my new friends to find Isolation.

Normally the NGOs have a big boy friend within two days, but that is the real reason they came. NGO is different than Peace Corps, the Peace Corps actually lives sometimes in a village, unless transportation to the party is too easy.

The mind is an adaptive device, it learns how to cope. It can only learn by having a need. Pulling a person out of the field, so they can talk, deprives them of the acute need to adapt.

IF they are suicidal, then send them home, put them in solitary confinement.. Hehehe, same same but not a good as Peace Corps.

Counseling in my mind is some form of dysfunctional enabling process, paid for by the USA make work cure anything by advice, not by buck up, deal with it, grow up.

Peace Corp Isolation