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Ouidah Voodoo

2006-09-14 03:19:00

Ouidah Voodoo
Ouidah Benin
Monday, September 11, 2006

I am not having much luck on Voodoh here in Quidah, I have talked about this to many people in Togo and now in Ouidah, it seems to stop them in their tracks. I think they feel it is evil and why do I want to know. I am not sure, I keep looking for a sign, or something that would say Voodoo, I think my French sucks, it is problem.

I have found one, what seems to be real or could be voodoo something, if there is voodoo here, it is not just obviously staring me in the face.

This little head figure is in front of a structure being built or abandoned next to the Panff Hotel, I keep looking for little talisman or hex like symbols of something creepy.

The only one I have found, on the way to the beach there are funky things hanging like advertisement, this is not my type of culture, explaining the culture or forcing it to be.

Ouidah Voodoo

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