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Lebanon Humiliated by Israel

Lebanon Humiliated by Israel

I was watching this Donor conference on CNN today, he says in his own word this Sigiori guy or something like that said they was
- Humiliated -

I would think he would be afraid to talk; it appears that his Mullah or Hezoballah guy is running the country and not him. He for sure is humiliated as a puppet leader. On the other hand, I am not sure, does Syria or Iran run Lebanon, the leader for sure does not, and then he goes begging for money, what a wimp.

Israel about 8-9 million people surrounded by about 150-200 million and more people with only one goal. The genocide of Israel, then you get this conference in Sweden another country that supports the genocide of Israel.

This is not just a bunch of sweat children; this is a systematic attempt by people in Europe and all of the Middle East to kill all the Israel people.

The bottom line is this, Israel people are extremely smart, nobody wants a bunch of persons around that just by intellect will be their boss. In a fair world, they lose, the brains win. Therefore, the whole Middle East, maybe over 200 million people are afraid of 7 million, they know they cannot compete, so they want genocide of them.

They are not going to like it when Sweden decides to kick the 1,000,000 Islamic out of their country when they finally realize, they are being invaded by a culture that does not take integrate and live in peace. Nothing peaceful about this culture.

Everyone keeps agreeing to crap, Israel, a pipsqueak country, of 7 millions dominates. Yes, USA gives them money, but they have the brains to use it.

The Middle East is pumping black gold out of the ground; they still need something to use it with. Of course, as long at the leaders have a common enemy of Israel, just like Hitler, the people will never stop and think, hmmm, are my leaders keeping me stupid.

Sweden, I want to dream of Viking or fighters, not a bunch of pacifist with one of the worse suicide rates on the planet. They do not kill anyone, they are too busy killing themselves, and without that by drugsā€¦ hehehe

Lebanon Humiliated by Israel