Lebanese in West Africa

Lebanese in West Africa
Cotonou Benin
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Go forth and make spread the word, make restaurants, and Super Markets or Super Marches on the planet, go to Africa, spread you food, you skill, your business. Go forth and multiply.

I am lost, why does a Lebanese person leave Lebanon, to come to a poorer than their country, with a bunch of people that are very different from them, to open restaurants and super markets. I do suppose they all get to drive Mercedes Benz and be rich folk here, but still, seems like a big sacrifice of family and friends.

One opinion I heard was after a war, they all left because they was tired of fighting, this in many ways would make sense. I think of the Palestine people, not the Israel, they cannot leave, they only have one place they call homeland. Nevertheless, the Palestine people most did leave many stayed in Israel. Why, to stay to fight, and complain, have a terrible life, I do not think their lives are bad. They have some very modern bus, transportation, and food is abundant. Nevertheless, why bite off a daily fight?

In a way, I truly believe that people should just kill each other and let God sort is out later. Refugees are that, they leave an area of problems, and live in different place. Leave danger to go to safe, it is not safe, then move on, however to stay and live in some dangerous, hostile places seems like a Darwin theory waiting to take action. Plagues, wars, epidemics clean the bloodlines of the world, maybe they are volunteers.

The huge road in Tibet seems like a great way for the Tibet people to have a chance to move away from a horrible place to live.

Lebanese in West Africa