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Intellectual Arrogance

2006-09-26 02:00:00

Intellectual Arrogance
Cotonou Benin West Africa
Friday, September 15, 2006

I have been collecting information regularly for about 10 years while traveling. I have always collected information; keeping organized has always been the problem. I admire James Michener greatly; he collected, assimilated, analyzed, and explained so much in a story, without the use of a computer. Tom Clancy is the same, but more capable in the world of computers.

I am 100 percent sure, my opinions are wrong.
I am 100 percent sure, my opinions are correct.

I am 100 percent, sure, the opinion I hold today will evolve and change, not dramatically, however for sure they will change. This is why I am 100 percent wrong on my opinions.

However, as I hold today, I am 100 percent correct, and must, need, and will hold to the intellectual arrogance that I am correct and others are wrong. What is good about me is I do always, consistently accept, know, and say often I am wrong, or these are my opinions.

When I read any writings of a person, I look for the passive tone, the acceptance that it is possible they are wrong. The Lonely Planet is great in this, they are not saying, always we are correct, except on not-needed, not helpful, anti-USA or anti-Big Business comments. Then they are just plain racist in a behind the back gentleman’s agreement.
It is financial demagoguery, trendy, anti this and anti that to make money.

I do extremely specific things in my blogs, making of pages to earn money, however almost zero influence on the opinions expressed. I make the blog to be found by people when they search in The titles, the methods, the redundancy is done specifically so a person searching on one specific top will find the page.

To write controversial or to report what I know people want to read about is morally and ethically appalling to me. To travel to a foreign land, to spend ungodly amounts of money to arrive, then to say what they read in a book, think is true, or what they know people want to hear. All poor people are disenfranchised helps victims and not just plain lazy, or that Bob Marley is a good example for children. This person is racist against White people and promoted drug use… Although he does have some good lyrics sometimes and the melody is nice sometimes, but overall a bad man.


- Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger. -
Attributed to Abbie Hoffman (1936 - 1989)
U.S. political activist. (2)

- 19th century Germany psychologist Wilhelm Max Wundt claimed that all psychology begins with introspection.-

I would say then the intellectual arrogance is needed, the self-esteem, the master of a few concepts, the age, the experiences is needed to culminate to where a person says, I am right, all others are wrong.

Nevertheless, I am 100 percent aware, I could be wrong.

Then and only then can a person observe cultures.

This link will not work, unless I happen to remember to make it work today, I doubt I will remember, but with the new time delayed blogging, there is hope… Hehehe

I am writing a tip, a long explanation, an extremely confused page where I go from confusion to clarity on how to study cultures. Anthropologist write books, professors teach classes, groups go and do formal studies of cultures. I on the other hand find little value in the Anthropologist I have met while traveling. They are all children, age about 20-25 ,not capable of studying culture, too busy learning how to be an adult or survive to be both introspective and observing at the same time.

Intellectual Arrogance

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