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Indiana Gratitude in Africa

2006-09-05 03:36:00

Indiana Gratitude in Africa
Lome Togo

I was born in small town Indiana, to two Sunday goes to church, Mother and Father, daughter of a barber, and son of a farmer, who moved up the social ladder and worked in Factories. All the Children of the Factory family went to college and now the children of the children will move on and up in the world.

I never saw a black person up close until about age 15. My parents one time argued with my Grandfather and we did not talk for six months with my Grandfather because he used the word,
- Nigger. -

My parents, Mother and Father, in an easy world, in a place of no diversity, in a town with only one rich family, demanded equality among all humans, all are equal in the eyes of many. Except for doctors, lawyers and rich people, although they are equal now because my sisters married an attorney, and my sister is married to an extremely well paid man.

All are God fearing, and try to do their best daily, what a wonderful world.

I heard a story last night, by a German man, who imports Palm Oil from Malaysia to Africa; he has been in and around Africa for years. He is German, more equally minded, I feel then the French, really of farmer stock that made up the Midwest USA, I am the same culture as this man.

He looked at me, and said,
- You must not think badly of these people. -

It never crossed my mind to think badly, however he is experienced, he knows with more time, I may think the whole place is for sale. I had a taste in Niger last year; I needed to buy my friendship back from a man who went with me to Zermou by motorcycle.
I would call this a quid pro quo country with a bonus wanted, and the ability to ask for unlimited favors.

Quid Pro Quo:

1. something done in exchange: something given or done in exchange for something else

2. returning of favor: the giving of something in return for something else, often in a spirit of cooperation.

[Mid-16th century. From Latin , literally “something for something.”]

I realize a great writer, must read many books, one every two days or there is almost no hope, maybe every three days. Until they have been subjected and start to own and internalize the concepts.

Roy M Cohn, attorney with McCarthy, worked with Donald Trump and others, was an influence peddler…

I do a favor for you, and you do a favor for me.

However, in a more advance level a person does a favor, and ever calls in the favor to much later. When associate with possible corruption or problems like in the Godfather of the Mafia, to repay the favor can be ten times the value of the original favor.

The obliging of a person, or the making a markers on a person, is all about control, manipulation and maneuvering people.

There is not a moment that goes by; there is not a minute, conversation, situation, something that happens in my life where I am not fully aware. I am trying to control them or they are trying to control me and in the wonderful world, a person is obvious, this is the cost of services, here is how you pay if you wish a service.

I get many a blank flat stare in Africa, the world, are you not going to give me money. The problem is a person is trying to oblige me; they try to give me a service I do not want, and then extort money by trying to confuse me until I feel guilty. It is very quick and complicated, angry, push and shove situation.

Annoying to my family as love is given without conditions; I do not owe my parents something for loving and caring for me; however I did not live in the families of the rest of the world. It is almost total quid pro quo, not a lot of giving, just something for something.

I see children where the parents have no limits, the children learn they can ask for unlimited amounts and the parent because of affairs, guilt, knowing they are bad people, just have too much money, will give unlimited, and the children ask unlimited. Thereby making a child that believes they have the right to ask for unlimited it the person will give.

Many cultures, especially hanging around the taxi stand outside a five Star hotel are people that could look you in the eye like a psychopath and ask you for 10-20 times the fair price with zero remorse.

I can only ask what I feel is fair without remorse, on the other hand some try to give too much in the hope of gaining advantage.

The world is for sale, which is true, people work for money. They must, should and it is normal, but the fair for fair economics is not intact in the world. I truly feel that France has entered into what maybe I would call usury type relations with the Francophone countries of Africa.

1. lending at exorbitant interest: the lending of money at an exorbitant rate of interest
2. exorbitant interest: an exorbitant rate of interest.

A loan shark know he has you between a rock and a hard spot, you need to save this, you will pay 10 time the interest to save the short term day problem. A very cruel and viscous circle. I saw a loan shark working in Hampi, India, every day they came and took.

Use a person.
So in colloquial terms to use a person is close, I have found, I really do not understand, however the world believes it I can get away with it, then what is the problem.

To socialize a country, a culture to a level where they are like good ole small town Indiana, where they have plenty of money, and just are sitting around looking for a way to get involved. Maybe work on the volunteer fire department, or is the rage now, to be medic. They all want to help out, gives them something to do, they feel good and all is great. The rewards are immense.

Now the same person comes to Africa and destroys the place, making beggars in their love of people.

But the economics of the world change from culture to culture, however the idea of getting away with it, and the maybe unbridled, no limits to how much they are willing to ask is possible in many people. Fair for fair is not common, however if you can treat a person fairly, who is trying to treat you unfairly, to the time when they know you will never opt to hurt them, even though you have unlimited opportunity, then you have a person who will be loyal beyond reason.

There is no place in my world for a person who asks, like many a taxi driver for usury levels of money. I see this person as evil.

I do know not know where I came from, how I happened. I have felt guilt all my life, because I have failed to live up to my own standards. I have received favors, I am trying to return, not with bonus, but a little more than I was given. I have now lived maybe 10 years where I just was a good boy everyday with 99 percent of the people I live near. Then 1 percent gave me more than was fair, never asking for it back.

The state is getting clean, I was chatting with Andrew on pay, I said, I think pay should be about 25 percent more than this person can get for doing the same job easily. This means, I wish to pay a person for a job 25 percent more than they could get easily from anyone else if they offered to work. Of course, 80 percent of people need to be forced to pay in developing nation and abuse by employers is rampant. Nevertheless, a person who pays in an underdeveloped nation, 80 percent of the planet can get many workers rather easy. That does not mean the boss does not abuse the people and pay 25 percent lower than normal because he pays easily he can get workers who do not like to fight for pay.

If I feel a person is trying to work me, play me, in any way get more than fair amounts, they are instantly fired. This in the USA and in most of the world is about 9 out of 10 people. The person that survives or the one then takes and opportunity and gets fired. About one in 50 may be up to my standards of honesty. It is an annoyingly high level of expectation of people. I want them to treat me just as I treat them; it becomes so relaxing to not sit around squabbling over pay and money. What an insane thing to fight over, I have 20,000 too much money to feed myself; I have 20,000 more than I need to eat.

I am grateful to my Mother and Father for teaching me to treat people fair, do not take advantage. To Buster S, for way more than I can every have even and idea of how to pay back. To people who knew, who gave, when I had nothing, who know it is not up the ladder you give to, it is down the ladder, those with less who you give to.

The economics of the planet are fun, interesting and downright strange to a boy from Indiana who believes in fair favors in return for fair favors and why would I ask money for something that was ridiculously easy to give like advice.

I am my Mothers and Fathers boy, man, damn, I am getting old, maybe I should grow up, nah, no good reason to feel old.

I learned last night, the persons here will give you something if you pay, the price is up to me, but there is always a price. Do not receive or take any type of favor without knowing you are supposed to pay. The smallest gesture is thought of as being of value. Sadly, this means a richer person can get a person to dance, twirl, and so many things at their whim. Come here, yes you, I want and I know you will give, the person does not feel they have an choices or options, their whole family is expecting them to do whatever the any person would want for money. The family will give a girl to a man for money, the family expects the girls to come back and give them the money. This family love abuse is rampant on the planet, the Mother and Father expecting their sons and daughters to return and give them their paycheck. My Mother and Father talk many times of a family where the Mother and Father expect 35 years old sons to give them their paychecks right in small town Indiana, this is not a new idea.

It is a simple life; give a little more than fair to all persons, not ever extreme, you create beggars and W H O R E S for money, a very cruel creation. Expect quid pro quo, something for something, and then be generous. Remove anyone that asks for more than fair from you from your life.

The hard part is to learn what is fair; this is the job of a guidebook to tell you what is fair to pay taxis, hotels, people, what is my guide, how much for this, so I can be reasonable. Note most tourist love the power of being a rich man in a poor world, it is abuse or love of abuse, not tourism.


Standby Computer
Lome Togo

I am learning about the huge computer problem I have where the screen and computer freezes. I have finally, it is always noisy in the world, and the fan is going, etc, I finally have found a correlation that seems related. There is a click when you turn on a lap top computer, an audible noise, click; I think it is the hard drive shifting into spin mode.

Standby to me is a worthless, hibernation is worthless, saving a battery or the need to have the computer accessible in a moments notice should be done on a palm top, not a computer laptop. I have on multiple times, once in Bolivia, another time by Pete in the USA, tried to get the ability of my laptop to even have possible code in it to go into standby removed. Sysregit and or System Registry stuff and as internal into the computer as possible. I only know one person on the planet that has a clue, and every computer is different, he would have to use my computer for two weeks to turns of remove this specific brands software and hardware desire to standby.

What happens now is this,
- I hear a click -
About 5-10 seconds later the computer locks, no mouse, no way to get to start again, I do not know at least. It just sits there staring at me, until I hold down the shut off button.

I write this blog on a flash drive, all the action is happening on a flash, the hard drive is not being used in a large way. I think it wants to go into standby. IF I click on a heavy use program, that gives the computer a big jump in resource needs, I may be able to stop the desire to go into full hibernation. I am testing, but annoying, I am trying to adjust all the things, I put on never, but it does not every obey never; I have went to five hours now. I do not see these functions of a computer working for crap, this is my sixth laptop, this is not a function that performs even close to what they think, and it is to me a joke.

This desire to click. I am trying to open the case of he hard drive and check the connections also, but the I need a good Phillips small screwdriver and Africa is short on tools, short on many things, but always as normal jerry rigging the world, not doing it right the first time. I am not sure that exist on 80 percent of the planet, nothing like a good German world though to make things perfect.. Hehehe

Persistence is I, I will figure it out, when I lose, I buy another computer to remove the problem, time anyway and after Africa, not in Africa, if I wanted I think I could sell this at usury rates.

Oh, what is day without a few puzzles to solve, for me; I need 10 times the normal, to keep my brain from going into standby anger mode. I have nothing to do, I am bored. The new generation is easy, just turn up the music volume, nothing is working anyway, simple to keep them mesmerized as drones or lemmings.

Indiana Gratitude in Africa