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I Must Study French

I Must Study French
Lome Togo

I am resting, I am not immersed in an place where I want to speak French, most of the person here I say, Hello in English and let them deal with it.

Moreover, I need to learn French, it is causing trouble.

I am playing around, walking today, it Sunday, I think the French Africa has a hangover, and Ghana is in some church dancing and singing.

However, as I walked around the city, I think of word I want to use, I try to collect these words and add to my vocabulary, I think I am at about 200, I need about 500 in my experience with Spanish, to just have a minor conversation. This does not include the numbers… hehehe

Today problem, I came back from walking, a long walk, tired, hot, sweaty. I am walking across the street, two girls are walking, one is bubble this, and round that, and on her rear is the word Brazil. I am in the walking passing lane, and I say,
- Bon Jour,-
Hello, in English or good morning, good day.

Ok, whatever, I say Hello, and they say hello, they seemed surprised as is everyone I meet when I say hello, I continue with this habit event though the socialization of the planet says to stop.

I say then,
- Fala Portueguesa? -
or or something like that in the Portuguese language. Do you speak Portuguese?

She nods here head, I realize later she did not know. Well, then I learn they are from Togo, the two immediately ask me where I live.

A normal question and not a stalking question, the taxi driver earlier wanted to know where I lived. It can be translated to mean, when do you live so I can figure out how to make you pay what you will pay. People in expensive hotels normally are clueless on what is the fair price. I just answer the question, knowing I am willing to give anybody the boot if they stop at my room.

Well, I could see my hotel from where we were standing. I say,
- Le Galion -
I point, and say more or less the blanc building, they seemed lost.

I pointed, then said,
- Deux Etage, Maison Blanc-

I am not sure, I think I was trying to say, the Second Floor of the White Building.

The think I said douz or 12,
The say,
- Qui,- Yes
I say,
- Non, deux -

They say ok, the one girls speaks English a small small as she says,
- She come at 2:00. -

Aagh, I am talking about the second floor of my building and she is thinking I am saying to come to my hotel at 2:00.

I am walking away, thinking, I am not sure, pretty bubble, round and sorts, I can sit on the balcony again and talk. I am drastically simplifying this, when in the afternoon the came over, I said, want to go to the plaige. The beach, it just outside the door, they say, yes but we can go to a pretty one very close in a taxi. I am thinking, just another stretch of beach, oops, they drag me to another restaurant White Man bar where I proceed to get obligated to buy lunch.

This good is another pretty, nice, outstanding, bubble, the whole thing is like getting raped by Shakira, but natural. I am not sure if I should run or enjoy.

I am getting the picture, do not talk to girls ever, they is not stops here, there is no social customs that say to stay away from men hotel room. This is an easy protection on the planet, a nice girl will not go to the hotel of a man and knock on the door. I think anyone and everyone many knock on my door if they could get money.

I Must Study French