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HoboTraveler.com Poverty Tour 2006

2006-09-14 02:52:00

HoboTraveler.com Poverty Tour 2006
Ouidah Benin
Sunday, September 10, 2006

Honestly, the world needs honesty; however, an honest person is the most dangerous person on the planet. Hated by all, despised, save face, keep your mouth shut, turn on your politically correct filter or else.

HDI Human Development Index 2002, the red marks are the countries I am entering, or want to point at you.

IF not, we will call you racist, unsympathetic, and callous… hehehe

I believe the world has only one reason to see Africa, they want to see them National Geographic picture of topless women dancing and whooping.

Folks, I have not seen this; however, it may exist, probably faked authenticity, however I am sure Africa sells it in many places.

Poverty, primitive, the myth maniac search for the really desperate on the planet, a cathartic I am here to help, let me save you, I can be your mom.

Red Clay Huts, dirt floors, they have them all over Mexico, easy to find, go north of Cancun towards Merida and some real round poverty huts.

I am not sure; I think the difficulty of travel is considered poverty. The roads are good though, better than many on the planet. Sand is a problem, however an easy base to manipulate to build roads, not like the rocks of Bolivia.

Tibet is poverty, the Dali Lama kept his people living in such a backwards nation, the only thing a feeling country could do was to conquer and kick him out, and all the religious zealots… hehehe, good for some hate male. Serious though, Tibet is a huge mountain range, no way to grown food on rocks, cold, desolate, isolated, seven years from any development, although China has a train on the way.

I am not sure, life is easier here than in many places on the planet. I think the lazies have conquered the place. Nobody seems want to farm the land, grow foods, I am not sure why. I see empty land, with plenty of water everywhere; water and any soil and something will grow to eat.
HoboTraveler.com Poverty Tour 2006

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