Hilla Conji Benin Aneho Togo Border

Hilla Conji Benin Aneho Togo Border
Aneho Togo
Saturday, September 9, 2006

Run for the border today, it is an easy hit, just a short ride to the gate from the Oasis Hotel or about 100-200 Fran to the gate by Moto Taxi, hard to find a car taxi.

I have a boy coming at 8:00, he was exceptionally helpful yesterday, I am saying to him.
- Je Va a Cotonou -

Hmm, my French sucks, and spelling is a goner.
- Je vais à Cotonou -

The do not every say Benin, very seldom, when they say are your going to Benin, they say Cotonou.

I just finished preparing my 100 percent normal, anywhere I go index card note. On one side, it says.

On the other side it says,

Not everyone can read, but a better chance of me remembering something that is becoming boring and repetitive to the point that I procrastinate. I tire of looking for hotels, and finding transportation, think the guidebooks just drop the ball, however the Benin writer has taken a big jump in quality, the person is better than the past few countries.

I need to cross the border, looks to me like a 15-minute border, not a big problem, however 2-3 hours is always needed to be allocated for a border, as amazing how many problems can happen at a border.

From the border to Grand Popo is the problem, how much for taxi, how much for van, how much, I want to know how much money and how to pay, how to find.

The guide is written from a Cotonou to anywhere as is all the other countries, there is not a travel from country explanation, the borders are the most complicated and dangerous and the least focused on by guidebooks.

I can find how to get from Contonou to Grand Popo.

I can say Cotonou and just leave the bus when I get to Grand Popo, another easy option. I am not looking forward to the very stupid, over pushy taxi drivers, I am rich they are poor; I want to gouge you deep, at least 10 times normal for the fare mentality at the borders. I got hit for 3 times the price coming across into Lome from Aflao. A taxi from the border to one of the typical hotel is max about 600 Fran, I paid 1500, and I was lucky, I had targeted 2500, he offered less.


Hilla Conji Benin Aneho Togo Border

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