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High Speed French Learning

High Speed French Learning
Cotonou Benin
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am on the fast track of learning French; I am entering the conversation level. I am very happy; I have successfully avoided the extreme drudgery of learning French, which I was anticipating. I can speak very good Spanish, I know how hard it was to learn Spanish for me, and how it took many years of work. I did not want to repeat the many years of learning a language experience again.

I learn languages to communicate, to understand, so I can explore my curious bent, my curious travel odyssey. If I cannot ask questions, I am limited to conjecture and assumptions, not a good source of information and fully of bad interpretations. Talking is not much better as the world will tell you want you want to hear. However, I can ask many misleading questions, which lead me to the answer they was not trying to give, or hiding often. Cultures hide their dirty laundry, I do not see it as dirty, but if not new, not modern, not trendy, or just normal, they will hide it, except for food, they can push that down your throat. Moreover, most food changes every 50 years, not all is typical in reality.

Why am I on the fast track of learning French?

I accidentally, or because I am lazy about languages, not really in comparison to other people, but in comparison to other project of myself, I am lazy.

Because I did not go to France to study, as I first planned, I am in a 10 times better location to learn for me. The naturals, the ones that not have to study to learn a language should go to France. I however, need 100 percent immersion, and even in West Africa, I do not have 100 percent immersion, many people study English here, and try to talk or stop me from speaking in French, in reality they want to practice their very bad English, and one person exceptionally good. I have not found many good English speakers.

1. IMMERSION, no value in speaking English, the mind figures this out and does not seek works to use in English. I then think or grope for French words. No brain translations going on.

2. PRACTICE.. This is what I think I would never have accomplished in France. To find people that love to talk with Americans is difficult, I am not going to talk to Rasta Idiots, or sit in bars drinking Wine to learn English as many do, this is not any cultures I wish to learn about or explore. I do wish to learn about growing and the winemaking, but the sit in bar world of France, smoking cigarettes is a pass.

I leave my room; I am inside the French Language, not good French, but now, about 100 times better than my French. This is not a vocabulary rich French environment.

3. FRUSTRATED - Learning a word is about need. I NEED words, I must learn them, they have instant value, I cannot work my way around all problems, if I want to do some things, I need to learn some words. I can hide in my room, but not much point, there are many friendly people to talk with outside.


I return to my room, type in all the English words into my Systran Machine translator, do a quick translation of many words. Copy and paste this list to my database of new words, not I have a resource of words to learn or use again when I have a need.

The BFYKI program is great, I can learn how to pronounce parts of a word, or ending… like er on the end, or diphthongs and such ae ao, all the combinations in French.

I am annoyed at the making the books fun, or making the program fun aspects of leaning French. It really slows me down, if they would just list all the parts of words, help me pronounce or learn the phonic, I could sound out most words.

However, the sounding out of words is spread out all over the place; I have trouble making my master list of sounds for French.

There are syllables or part to each word, there are some rules, but difficult to study.

High Speed French Learning