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Grand Popo Benin

2006-09-13 03:27:00

Grand Popo Benin
Quidah Benin
Saturday, September 9, 2006

I stopped at Grand Popo, a girl in the taxi tried to get me to with her, on hindsight I made and error.

The Auberge de Grand Popo was too far from Africa for me, and at the cheapest, not even on the beach 13000 CFA I gave it an easy pass. I do not understand this resort mentality, it is annoying, nothing nice, no bikinis, old people and I pay too much, reminds me the Caribbean at one then the price.

The whole Grand Popo seems like a place for couples, which want to guarantee they do not need to see African people. I tried to find a hotel in the center, in the end, I just could not pay over 20 Dollars US, for a room I can get for five in Thailand, and there would be people. Living in an empty hotel is not fun.

My gut says, most of West Africa is only full of people in these resorts at Christmas, however they have that European you need to pay and like it attitude, they all need to go to Brazil or something, As is, anywhere for a better beach vacation.

I got on the bus, looked at one hotel called the Mar on the highway, the boy on the taxi took me to the Internet, there was a copy machine, I had enough and got into a taxi with some hippos.

Amazing how much blubber can be packed in the back seat of a car, and pure bodies.

Grand Popo Benin

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