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Galion Hotel Lome Togo

Galion Hotel Lome Togo
Lome Togo

I am in the Galion Hotel, it is nice, two times the fair price and does not have hot water, but other than that the normal French pay-too-much and get no service thing. The French are very good at doing IT to you and making you pay, and think you liked it. Africa just does not understand how it is done.

Ok, I am amiss, I do not hang around with the Smokers in the bar, I have not met one Frenchie, well, one in the morning very early that comes for Breakfast. I am connecting the dots, the hotel is set up like a the restaurants in the Philippines if you are not paying attention. Everything is someway of fashion on the sly made so you can go boom boom with a girl. The girl got near my room the other day and maid came for the first time in a week and wanted to change the sheets. In a boom boom hotel nobody stays, they leave after boom boom or one night. I am not in the main part of the Hotel or the noise would have made me leave the second day.

Boom Boom hotel are normal, everywhere, sometimes called Love Hotels, in the end normally about 20 percent of income for most of the Hotel industry is with people who, should,
- Get a room. -

I like the one girl who works at night, she has exceptional manners and is proper, for Togo this is nice to see, not that I have seen it before, that is manners. A French guy tried to cut in front of me at the Supermarche… He did not get it done, and I did not like it, and I did not say thank you or somehow ignore bad manners, like it was some great cultural event.

I need to leave Lome, I have not seen a white person on the beach, the beach is of no value. The girls are only wanting to pay-to-play, I need a small village without the workers. However, I have a few friends at the local small store, they are nice. I will leave as soon as I am finished in the Cyber Café or Internet Café.

I have met some great people in Africa, not many in a tourist area, but in the small villages when I am the only white man. It can be weird to have a friendship when the person thinks he or she is talking to Donald Trump and is willing to pay for anything. (Donald would not just pay for anyone.) I think the way it works, I am sure in the Galion I figured out how it work, I watch the men do it. If a girl talk to you, and you respond, you need to start giving up the money. Talking involves buying or wanting to purchase, nothing is free. You are to support the persons you talk with.

IF I talk to someone, they think, no they assume I have agreed to give them money, or buy, or something. To talk with a girl and have her think I am agreeing to give her money is a first on the planet, many try to get money, but none until now assume I have agreed because I have acknowledged their presence, I acknowledged all beings in my path and, I suppose beings includes dogs and cats. I think and believe a stranger in a foreign land should pay attention, and give notice, heed, I am in you neighborhood, give me notice if this is a problem. People are territorial and need attention.

Galion Hotel Lome Togo