Flicker in the Eye

Flicker in the Eye
Lome Togo

There is an intelligent flicker in the eyes of people, sometimes it is missing, or slowed, but when excited you can see the eye movement.

I heard a smart child looks quick, then looks away, not looks and stares. The smart child observes and make an opinion quickly.

Togo is 143, out of a total of 177 on my HDI list, I have in my computer. I sure it could change.

Nature versus Nurture, school versus no school, I am lost to figure out these West Africa countries. I know a man that cannot read, yet is a multi-millionaire in the USA. I do not care whether a person has money; I do not care where they were born, and all the other hoopla.

However, I do evaluate a person how well they do in their chosen professions. I know internet cafes, I know telephone services, and I refuse to deal with governmental people except when absolutely necessary. I do not expect much from a police person. The math skills are hitting not functional for people here in the internet cafes and the telephone cabines or places to call.

They appear incapable of calculations. I have started just giving the money to the internet café person, and not talking about the price. He does not get to tell me how much I pay, I pay him what I believe is right.

I just made a phone call. I do not speak French well, but I do speak enough to make a phone call. I asked the price. Established that the price was 1 minute for 100 Francs. I made a 19-20 minute call, I do no know for sure, however I was watching my time on my cell phone to check them.

I finished and the I thought the person would type in about 2000 Francs, I did not evaluate closely, I knew that 100 CFA is about 20 cents U.S., and thought that is a very fair price. Somewhere between 10 and One dollar is the normal in a cabine price in the world, it is getting cheap.

I tried to buy a SIM card for the phone, I could not get an answer, do I need to pay for incoming calls I could not find the price to call out, and I do no want to call people. I shook my head, I am glad they are slow, I was thinking, amazing level of slow brain for this type of office.

Have they never used their brain for math, is it a lack of practice, is it a lazy brain, it is dull, do they need vitamins, strange, and weird at the same time, as most persons are good at also being corrupt and clever at the same time, I have to be careful they do not steal, this is like a chess game with a person who does not know how to play, plus they cannot figure out the rules.

In the USA fortunately we have many high paid factory jobs, they are going to China soon, however many in the USA, closer to the market. However, we can take that person that never applied themselves for a minute anywhere and plug them into a job and they can have a reasonable nice life.

I saw a BIG gun on the back of a Jeep the other day. I do not know, but BIG machine gun, like some French Foreign legion, shoot them up, this was Togo Military not French.

Not a common sight on the planet, I saw in Iraq, but figure, it was 2 months after a major war conflict.

Any investor with a lick of sense would not invest in Togo, unless it was a rape. I think the cell phone companies and banks are systematically raping or windfall profits off the people incapable of figuring out what happens.

Ghana was half the price of Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, but more violent in mood, not complacent.

Intrigue and enigmatic, these countries do not seem to want to farm, I am not sure what they want to do. How long have they lived like this, I am use do plodders, a farmer with his back hunched, plodding down the street, proud, carrying the load. Yes, I see a few, more lying around though, waiting for Godot. I wonder if that French person that wrote that book was in Africa.

Everyone is waiting for something and I think or almost can guarantee it will never come. The only business a person can start has to have less than five people if owned by a foreigner or extreme profits like a cell company. Five people and you can abandon, but not bring in large money, or you lose large money.

Flicker in the Eye