Fan Dry Eyes

Fan Dry Eyes
Cotonou Benin
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am going to have to look; I used to carry eye lubrication with me all the time. My eyes hurt, there was a one speed on HIGH fan only in Ouidah Panff Hotel, it had the five-speed adjustment, but only one sped worked, high.

I like fans, better than air conditioning, easier to leave the room and not have some climate adjustment problems, plus cheaper.

What I really want is quiet, a very quiet fan.

Oh well, life is never just simple, there are two major type of hotel room fans.

1. Middle of Ceiling above the bed blowing down fan, maybe up.

2. Sit and point, maybe 40 percent of the time sway back and forth stand fan.

The center fan, if right above the bed is a big problem, as I sleep the fan dries my eyes, probably to do I suppose with REM or Rapid Eye Movement and all the other ways my eyes are open.

If I read in Bed, I have glasses, this helps, but I need fat, wider glass, big lenses, I need new reading, the next are going to be huge. The fan dries my eyes.

Points at my feet, this fan, and not my eyes.

The fan here in the Crillon in Cotonou is good, but noisy, has multiple speeds and I can point the fan at my lower body, away from my eyes, however still not simple. I have an extension cord; I can move the fan around in the room to hopefully a better position.

It took me many moons of travel before I learned about problems with fans, I tried to put a sleeping mask on, but I do not like them, make me have trouble sleeping. Blocks the sunlight and all, but just not my type of sleeping.

Each one of these small, not big, almost inconsequential annoyance of traveling is packed away, added to the tally. The sum of the accumulated small specific annoyance together creates a need to go home.

I hear many tourist or travelers say,
- I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed. -

I say,
- Why don’t you try to make or find your own bed here? -

This is a great way to P I S S them off, I am not sure why, they just refuse to accept that it is possible to live nice daily, traveling.

I often admire the extreme tourist, the make no adjustments, they pay the cost, whatever the cost, and any amount is ok. They pay their way to living as close, and probably better than they do at home. Often a Vacation is just that, a week or two of living better than normal.

Backpackers live less than normal, and think it is some sort of the price I pay to enjoy the travels.

Add up all the small annoyances, and the total is distraction, confusion, stress and a person unable to think clear. Then tell the person to go and volunteer, they are in an overwhelmed world of their own senses, not even dealing with themselves, are not way up on some Maslow hierarchy of motives platform where they are now capable of doing philanthropy work.

They are dealing with number one and two.

Fan Dry Eyes