Direct and Indirect Talking

Direct and Indirect Talking
Lome Togo

The many lives of Andy the

I am in a quagmire of confusion, I have many lives, I have many paths I can take, I wish to always to continue to travel, to explore, to be endlessly curious.

I believe, as is the popular word presently in,
- Transparency -

There is the new buzzword or way to explain an honest person, company or government. Strange we come up with a word after a couple million years, and it becomes popular.

The USA culture make other cultures extremely angry, I can make a German person so angry, they will explode, just by saying the truth.

I can say the truth to a Latino, Mexico, Central and South America and they will ignore 100 percent.

I can say the truth to an Asian and they will fall down on the ground. Heheheh. I was in Pai or Northern Thailand, I told the man he was a liar and he fell down on the ground. They do not have people talk direct with them.

India… hehehe, they will twist what you say and make you feel guilty, a very clever culture.
Africa will say yes to a comment, but not understand.

Most cultures will say no, and continue to say no, until they understand and then they will nod their heads.

Clever, most cultures want to believe they are clever.

Listen to Kofi Annan the head of the United Nations, then listen to President Bush from the USA. Kofi says nothing, but the comments that will make the majority of S H I T countries happy. He plays to the audience to be popular.

President Bush makes the whole world angry, because he does not play game, he is direct.

IF anything is wrong in the USA policy, it is the failure to know that direct comments infuriate the world. In the USA we consider and honest and direct comment admirable, however dangerous maybe, the USA is a piddle small part of the planet. 1999 we passed the SIX billion people on the planet mark, and the USA on a good day has 300 Million.

6 Billion people on the planet 6,000,000,000
USA has 3 Million 300,000,000
300,000,000 / 6,000,000,000 = 5 percent
5 percent of the people rule 95 percent of the
planet, add in Europe and 10 percent rules
the 90 percent.

Anyone who has children knows, a child will twist and manipulate a conversation to get their child ways. They will spend their time trying to say it clever, to try to convince the parent they are correct. The parent listens, then rather politely, diplomatically, and hopefully corrects the child. In the 90 percent of the planet maybe 80 percent of the planet, they are just beaten down mentally, listen, however never listen, there is very little clear functional conversations.

I am in a quagmire, my Mother, Father, Nephews, Nieces and good friends that write me weekly are in the 90 percent of the planet, maybe a sub-group within the USA.

I need to make a decision, I think; I do not have to make a decision, but maybe a good idea to make a decision. The percentage of time I spend just lying around thinking about my present location has changed. In the past, I thought about 90 percent of the time about where I was at, and what I was doing daily.

I could just blog away, and my Mother would be happy, 10 percent of the time, she was not. Now, she is sending me emails, your blog is not interesting, I am lost, I am writing in my diary for myself, not for you Mom. Yes, it is a business of sorts, but still, I do not type here to entertain you, if I did that, I would have to think more on how to manipulate the audience to make them happy.

Not Transparent

As we speak, I know the is taking applications for workers, we are in the process of hiring many 300 dollars per month employees from places like India, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Pakistan and hopefully Ghana, the Philippines is hurting, hard to force them to grow up and perform, not a serious bunch.

Nonetheless, is using up my brainwave, when my computer is not working, many people below are affected, not only reader, blogging or not blogging is only an enjoyment ratio. I am talking money; persons could be out of work, because I cannot assign jobs. One lady has children in school, she is trying to buy books, she is India where an employer will make here work and never even pay, she wants to work, she is not a complainer, I am complaining.

So in many ways, Chris, Craig, Mom, Dad, Gary, Ashley and many others that never write or post are also on my mind. Am I boring you to death, should I separate my life into two compartments?

Africa Travel Journal and What I do to make money.

I had a friend that went to palm readers, and fortune tellers, for many years he would tell me what the person said, how he or she predicted, many times the friend would even ask the person questions about my friendship with this person. The friend would talk for hours about what the future would bring or not bring according to the fortuneteller.

I listened to this for many hours, or hundreds of hours.

One day, and over the course of a month, my friend decided I should also go to a fortuneteller. He then proceeded to tell me he would pay, I did my best to bow out, but he was insistent. My friend was to say the least, extremely eccentric, I like him because you could never predict the conversations, he would dwell on subject many would consider crazy or off the wall, he was not crazy, eccentric and had too much time to think and wonder. A great benefit in life.

He was insistent, I must go to the fortuneteller, he finally gasped in desperation, and said,
- Why won’t you go? -
I said,
- I not believe in fortunetellers. -

It was listening to the stories of watching my unders.

I listened with an open mind to a girl studying to be a Doctor in Ghana tells me this long and convoluted story about watching my unders, to take care, to be cautious.

She never asked,
- What do you think? -
She assumed I agreed, I thought she was superstitious and prone to putting responsibility for her life into the hands of others. In my mind a form of dysfunctional behavior and not something, I can change. I must accept, I can change my pants, my clothes, I cannot change other people.

My fortune telling insistent friend pushed and I said,
- I do not believe in fortune tellers.-
He said,
- Why do you listen? -
I said,
- You believe. -
He says, not happy,
- But you do not.-
- Why do you listen to something you do not believe.-?

I said,
- I am your friend, I listen to my friends, and I do not have to agree or even want to listen to feel I should listen. A friend listens. -

He said,
- Why did you not tell me? -
I said,
- Why, to try to squash a belief you have, I do not know, it is possible you are correct and I am wrong. -

In the end, I felt, 99.0 percent he was dreaming; I would not participate or enable the dream to become some reality in my world. That to me is dysfunctional or a temptation to become dysfunctional.

Watch my Unders
I had a couple of readers write and say, I needed to be more open minded. I am amazed, I was extremely open minded, I listed, did not squash this person belief, I only believe it is possible maybe one-tenth of one percent and that is stretching it in my mind. I fell 99.9 percent sure I control my stars; I am in absolute control of my destiny, or better to say, I am 100 percent responsible for my destiny.

Right or wrong, controlled by me, or not controlled by me, I am responsible.

This girl is a free agent, capable of introspection being, she has volition and all the other psychobabble crap. She is free to do as she wishes, and I have ZERO right to stop her, and as her friend respect here 100 percent to think as she wishes. I have no desire to change her.
Now, I am writing in my diary, nobody needs to read this, so what I say is a free choice on the side of the readers. I am obligated to myself 100 percent to say or think what I am thinking, unedited.

I suppose the readers believe I should listen, I do listen, but I do not obey, and eventually readers become obstinate,
- Listen to me. -
- Obey -

Control freaks.
They need control over something that is not controllable. (Me) Moreover, will become furious sometimes, attack, you must change, hate mail and all sort of other funny things, yet annoying.

Blah Blah Blah, I am trying to decide, should I separate the business type boring for my Mother Blog postings from the more Photo Story, fun to read, sit on a medical office table magazine type of writing?

Writing is cathartic for me, it is the way I can make decisions, I have nobody to talk these things over with, except myself.

- purifying: producing a feeling of being purified emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically as a result of an intense emotional experience or therapeutic technique a film that had a truly cathartic effect on me (2)

Writing helps me sort out my feelings and decide where to go, what to do, and why, all the interrogatives.

Clean House, I get to clean house and put all my thought away in their proper places. Travel is for most an excuse to never put away all the thoughts, as we can say; I have too many new things to explore. Hard to make a person be responsible for how they act, behave, or think when they are on a vacation from thinking.

The normal way travelers deal with travel is to drink to oblivion and put all possible resolution of thoughts on hold, at least for sure until they go home. IF the never go home, then they go crazy.

Resolution of thoughts, I will work, I went to the toilet, and had a great solution pop in my brain on how to solve this enmeshment of thought and make my mother happier.

Direct and Indirect Talking