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Cotonou Benin
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

(Greek, "dispersion")

scattering of language, culture, or people: a dispersion of a people, language, or culture that was formerly concentrated in one place
the African Diaspora (2)

Sadly, sometimes, like the people of Africa, they were forced, not always positive in my mind, but they were forced to travel to other places and live.

There is immigration and emigration

EMIGRATION - leaving process
- moving to another country: the act of leaving a native country to live in another country.

IMMIGRATION - receiving process…
- arrival of settlers in a new country: the act of people entering into a new country to settle permanently.

I love border cities, nothing more curious and fun to watch than a big soap opera. At borders, frontiers, the crossing of the river, the jumping of a mountain range you have one of the biggest fights on the planet. Armed guards, patrol dogs, machine guns, smugglers, and all sorts of fun people. Like Alices Restaurant, the song, to the hundredth power.

Most travelers and tourist will do anything to leave a border town as quickly as possible, to vacate. The guidebooks almost totally ignore and agree nothing interesting to see in a border town…

Except Total Cultural Diversity.

A place where many cultures fight for dominance and sometime shoot others if they cross… hehehe The true no-mans land of cultural study, where cultures go down to basic motivations.

Oprah Winfrey
- I am the product of every other black woman before me who has done or said anything worthwhile. Recognizing that I am a part of history is what allows me to soar. -

Oprah Winfrey (1954 - )
U.S. talk show host, actor, and businesswoman, 1989.

There is almost a 99-100 percent probability that Oprah is part of the Diaspora or people from Africa that were dispersed around the Americas, and other lands to used as slaves.

He ancestors, her blood was part of Africa, now in the USA, and doing exceptionally well… (Oprah for President, much better than Hillary or Condoleezza Rice.) I know Condoleezza for President, and Oprah for Vice President, a truly noteworthy, world changing presidency. I think Condoleezza Rice is more prepared for the stress.

I saw, a brief thing on CNN, saying or noting Oprah going to South Africa or something, I was not able to see, the heartbreak of curiosity of the world and travel.

I truly believe Oprah Winfrey could change the channel of life for Africa, I believe she has within her sphere of influence, the Nobel Prize Winning, the magnanimous ability to change the planet for the better.

Jesse Jackson is following the path of Jimmy Carter, not knowing when to stop, grow up, and keep his mouth shut, however I do believe Oprah is both a good business and good diplomat, how she handles making decisions of many people, and not only her own empire is maybe a different issue.

Africa appears to be living under, as is the USA, Caribbean, however not South America strangely of a cloud of the blame game. The entire problem, past, future, present, etc are because you made me a slave.

Africa people were not a slaves, it had people taken. (Note, I think there were many slaves in Africa; however, I am not sure… Arabs, and such, one chief of another group, this was a big business inside the African world.)

The removal of the cloud, the transformation of a continent from sitting around waiting for someone to come and save them. To a land of proactive, take the bull by the horn, entrepreneurial success stories can most easily be done by one of the DIASPORA.

White People saving black people is marketing blunder.