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Cotonou Benin Boredom

2006-09-26 01:54:00

Cotonou Benin Boredom
Cotonou Benin West Africa
Friday, September 15, 2006

I do not like to move, more likely, I do not like to pack. I like my travelers nest, and the Hotel Crillon here in Cotonou, Benin is a wonderful deal at 6500 CFA, twice the price of any other under-developed country outside of Africa, but a good deal for West Africa. It has this porch front with chair, where I can observe the people walking by, and a great pastime in life, people watching.

Boredom is good, I think an overwhelmed mind is cluttered and incapable of being happy. The free flow of thought, not forced thoughts is generally, what I seek. To focus on a subject, WORK, that I have no desire to do, is stressful. I am fortunate that I am now capable of focusing almost 90 percent of my energy in any manner I wish.

I must leave Cotonou, my desire to use the internet is slowing my travels, and I am staying in bigger cities, cultural aberrations, not of interest to anyone but a person who wishes to grow drink. A city strives to become modern, or to become a Ghetto, I like Ghettos, but difficult places, and people are not generally happy in Ghettos, but they do choose to live in squalor so what can I say, I guess they deserve it.

The left the small village to live in the city, where life is more exciting, and now they live in the Ghetto of life.

Cotonou Benin Boredom

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