Cooking Food for Travel Health

Cooking Food for Travel Health
Lome Togo

I screwed up, I thought I could use my alcohol cooker in Africa, but normal rubbing alcohol is almost impossible to buy, and about 10 times the cost of the normal planet.

I therefore did not bring my electric cooker. I have not been able to find one to buy; it is annoying, they use charcoal here or wood, maybe propane for the real rich.

I need, not want to cook food in my room. There is not a variety of foods to eat that is healthy sold in the restaurants, unless I would be willing to pay 20 U.S. dollars per meal.

The five serving meal I think has disappeared, only meat and a desert, or just some rice and chicken.

I can buy vegetables with a lot of work, but the only way to have a variety of foods is to buy canned foods, I am in need of fruits and vegetables. I can do the fruit so far pretty good by buying in the streets.

However, the vegetables are difficult, I need to eat already cooked in a can vegetable, and the price is a minimum of 1 dollar per can. I am trying to find a variety, only found at most three to five vegetables sold in cans here. In the streets, I can buy raw, in the village, only tomatoes and peppers, no variety, hard to feel safe.

I am searching constantly for a large store; a large store has two lanes of foods, not even close to large. 50 percent are desert foods.

I can now cook food by putting my cooking pot on top of water I cook with my one-cup water cooker. It takes about 20 minutes to warm the can of vegetables.

I buy about one orange per day in the street and cannot find anything but orange drink; orange drink is not orange juice. The cost of food here in the stores is about 5 times the planet normal, but about the same as France.

I can afford to eat; I know most locals cannot, when the easy food is deserts, why would a person eat the good foods.

Food preparation in my room is moving from a want to a need status. I go severe health problems after four months in India one time, I refuse to eat what these dirty people prepare, they are very dirty people, there fingernails are dirty. Here in Africa the people are cleaner, but not as easy to see… hehehe

Cooking Food for Travel Health

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