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Computer on Roof

2006-09-13 03:34:00

Computer on Roof
Ouidah Benin
Saturday, September 9, 2006

Computer rode on top of Car Roof...

My computer is locking or freezing again, maybe it has stopped; I reseated all the jobbies again. I always want to put my one bag in the trunk; however, I usually have it on my lap. I trusted the driver this time because I knew the trunk was empty; we stopped and picked up for tubs of fish in water. He kindly took my bags out, however I then hear a thump, as he is too weak, throws the backpack with the computer inside up on the roof, not only on the roof, but also onto two roof-mounted slats, not the way to treat a computer.

The two bags rode there all the way to Ouidah, and I started the computer and it started.

The problem with any bag, is people throw them, you can never trust anyone with a fragile bag. 85 percent of the time, you are ok, and then the other 15 percent the bag take flying lessons.

I need a maybe number two however small Philips screwdriver, the small screws are in danger of being stripped. Big headaches. On a note of fun, the computers, that did not connect to the internet in Aneho had windows 98 on them, like a blast from the past.

Computer on Roof

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