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Benin Tough Chicken

2006-09-15 02:23:00

Benin Tough Chicken
Cotonou Benin
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My French is becoming good, my understanding of West Africa transportation coming to force, my desire for chicken is driving me on. My refusal to pay 4-5 U.S. Dollars for a sandwich all culminate to create a Hobo that finds a chicken to eat.

Last night, I found a Chicken, on a rotisserie, near the Crillon hotel, about 100 Fran Moto ride from the Hotel in places called Joquet. I bought a whole chicken for 1500 CFA or Three US Dollars then went to the Super Marche and purchased some Lebanese Arabic style flat tortilla like bread. Came back and shared it with the Mali Islamic girl, who is not afraid to say, I want to eat, I want this, no shyness. Not what she was expecting, more of grab, eat, and pull type meal. I pulled pieces of meat off the chicken, wrapped in the Lebanese / Iraq version of a Mexican Tortilla, and ate. I have mine own salt, I am learning to eat this red Pima Pepper stuff.


Marathon Runner Chicken
I think this is some chicken that runs marathons in Africa, down them read dusty road, like some too skinny man, who wins from Kenya.

I could not get the chicken off the bone, amazing, I thought for one second the chicken was still raw, but no, this one range fed chicken that has muscles.

Not a fun piece of chicken, the chicken in Togo at the Al Mahata Lome Togo Lebanese restaurant was much better. Hmm, I am lost, hard to get a good meal in these countries. A crock-pot would do the trick, or cooked again, maybe boiled loose.

Benin Tough Chicken