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Benin Girls Inspect Room

2006-09-28 02:07:00

Benin Girls Inspect Room
Cove Benin West Africa
Monday, September 18, 2006

I have these little policies, little travel rules I live by that protect me, keep me safe and feeling secure. One that I have religiously lived by for the last 9-10 years is,
- Nobody comes in my room. -

I would say, in the last six months, more people entered my room than in the last nine to ten years.

My door is open now, I have always kept it shut, hiding my computer, my camera, everything in my room. I live by the theory, temptation causes theft.

I have been locking up my valuables in my backpack, chaining to the bed or anything too difficult to move. I have became very good at this in Africa after making the two really good backpacks in Nepal that I am carrying. I now allow many people to wander around in my room.

That is not true; the boys do not get in.

However, many travelers have entered my room, and just now I had a complete inspection done by the girls of the Hotel, Priscilla and Angel, The brought me my 2 dollar dinner of rice and eggs, this Provincial Hotels in Cove, Benin is on the top of my I like this hotel list in Africa.

They put it down and they just start to stare, they look at everything, these two girls are about 19 and 20 on the list. I have allowed many West Africans to see how I live, put me in a real world snapshot of them, I am not special, and I am just different and white.

I still live by the temptation theory, and nobody strangely ever seems to notice the bag chained to the bed, like what is up with that.

I am working on secure location two, money and passport hidden in plain site strategy.

I do not let them sit around and talk often, I did find one of my pony tale thingie missing and saw it at my friend’s home. A computer in Africa has no value, unless I would make music on it, so for sure I will not make music with it.

Benin Girls Inspect Room

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