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ATM Lome Togo Bank Machine

ATM Lome Togo Bank Machine
Lome Togo

There is a bank machine or a way to take money from the bank with a Visa on the card ATM. I extracted 200,000 CFA yesterday here in Lome, Togo from a machine. I put in my pin, number and pulled out the money.

The machine is behind the Palm Beach Hotel in Lome and has a big Western Union sign, the other option is to wire yourself a lot of money to Western Union, you can do this online at the internet.

Hmm, Cash Machine, Money Machine, Bank Machine, what do the Brits call them?

ATM- Automatic Teller Machine
Hole in the Wall - England
Cajero Automatico - Spanish

This is one of them guide type, made for pages that need to be made, so someone can search and find the knowledge easier.

I will add all the French words soon, guichet automatique or something, cachette, annoying to learn to spell.

ATM Lome Togo Bank Machine