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Angry at CNN Wells in China

2006-09-11 04:12:00

Angry at CNN Wells in China
Togoville, Togo
Thursday, September 7, 2006

I am frustrated and angry about a film segment I watched about China the other day in the Galien Hotel TV room. CNN is there, and this is a lot better than nothing to know about the world, or the cause of the day more likely.

CNN plugs in these controversial and made to order causes when they are short on daily controversial. The plug in the Famine in Niger last years, (I am a witness, there is no famine. Malnutrition yes.)

The plugged the not time sensitive drought issue in China, there is an area where they say it has not rained for a few months. Note a few months is not so severe, but at the wrong time of the life of a food crop, can be fatal.

The showed a group of Chinese people digging a well in hard what appears to be compacted very dry clay. They was using a chisel like device to cut the pieces and slowly in pans, then removed to another location. The same process used almost anywhere in 80 percent of the planet, nothing new, and nothing special.

What CNN did that made me angry was they filmed the process of digging a well.

However, CNN is:
1. Too amazingly stupid to know how a well is made.
2. Knows and wants to make a controversy depending on the viewer’s ignorance to believe the story.
3. 80 percent of the planet knows how to dig a well, understand when they will find water. 20 percent of the people think it comes from a top and never questioned or thought how do I dig or drive a well.

Everyday of my life the water came from the tap, it is supplied, but the average person does not know and cannot explain why a well works.

Ooops, they can say, the dig down until they hit water.

Which is true, but why do they hit water?

Answer, when they hit the water table, or the top of the closest pond, water, or stream, ocean etc that is close. Under the ground is water, like a sponge, that is flowing towards a body of open water.

CNN shows a few men digging, when they hit the first 2 inches of the water table CNN sell is as only having a very small amount of water.

How stupid, there should be some type of Journalism punishment for either one being stupid and no research, or two trying to mis-represent a well.

IF the would did one more inch, they would have 3 inches, if they dug 5 feet, they would have a 5 feet hole of water. The speed of the water filling the hole would depend on the packing of the ground, the porous nature.

The showed this asinine example of water, nothing to do with truth, to try to imply the person were without water to drink, therefore maybe they would die.

Give me a break, how stupid do you depend on your viewers to be, how ignorant do you think. I do not mind you calling me ignorant, I know most readers, viewers, etc are not up to par. However, there is an educational factor to journalism, however to educate wrong it to go against all tenets of education. To say, keep them ignorant, it is better.

I have little respect for my fellow tourist, they have 1 percent desire to understand, and 99 percent desire to drink beer and say they saw this, so they can tell their friends. I explain many things in detail in the hope the curious know where they can find what they are curious about. In the end, send tourist to big cities, they want to dream about being rich and winning the lottery.

I like to understand whom I am, where I came from, how I lived in Africa, Europe, etc before I became me, I like to get to the water table, and dig deeper.

I know, clearing the throat and spitting is natural. Squatting on our haunches is natural, showering daily is not natural, but a desire when water is easily available. Lying is normal when a person does not know the answer, they will make up something. To work when you have food in your stomach, a warm bed, you are fashionable above your peers is not normal.

People do not want to work, go to any tropical areas; they do not work the same, why, there is no need.

Journalist, a license to lie to make money. I personally dream of a research staff that would fill in the gaps with little information jobbies. Like a big explanation of a well, full of facts, drawing and explanations what a well is, I already know, not a need to explain, however to make money I need to explain, educate and give a person a choice.

Well in Togo, they lower the water to the top and below the water table.

Angry at CNN Wells in China