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Aneho Togo Sunset

2006-09-13 02:54:00

Aneho Togo Sunset
Aneho Togo
Friday, September 8, 2006

I left Togoville and came to Aneho Togo, a larger village and about 13 kilometers from Togoville, and a 1000 CFA or 2 dollars Moto or Motorcycle ride. Then about 100-200 CFA to the Hotel. I think in most cities about 200 are going to get you almost anywhere on a Moto.

The Oasis Hotel is on the water at the mouth of what seems to be a river that enters the ocean. The border is about one kilometer down the road away from the bridge, so tomorrow to enter Benin should be easy.

The sun is going, there is a cool breeze, augmented by the fan, a few maybe tourists are here, and hard to say though, they are quiet. The Hotel and Aneho has been easy for me, as the village is too small to accidentally take too long of taxi ride. I said,
- Marche -
And the boy on the motorcycle took me to the border of Togo and Benin, I think he would have taken me into the border, hard to say, I stopped him.

On the back of a Moto or Motorbike in a small city, it is easy, I can just let them go, and because there is only one major tourist hotel, they assume where I am to go and almost take me back. In a bigger city like Lome, not all the driver knew the Galien Hotel and I had to leave the hotel go straight, and return more or less straight, eventually I realized the ocean was a good reference and as long as I go to the Plaige, I could return to the Hotel

The hotel is nice, sort of isolated for my blood, but a nice hotel, not too cheap, however nothing is cheap, the hotel cost 8,800 CFA per night or close to 19 dollars for on a world market should be seven, amazing. The price of the food in the restaurant is more than I will ever pay, about 10-20 dollars per meal, if you was not super careful.

One of the poorest countries on the planet and one of the worst food values of the planet. Obvious this is not backpack fare.

Aneho Togo Sunset

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