Afternoon Togo Girl

Afternoon Togo Girl
Lome Togo

I have a girl, she wants to visit me in the afternoons, I have no idea what her agenda is, she does not want to marry me, this is not normal for Africa, the proposal is normally in the first day, the girl proposes marriage and then wants a cell phone, probably the new Motorola Razor, at least the most expensive.

The girl is not a girlfriend, she is a girl that adopted me. I suppose winking at her was not fair, but she was looking hard. What am I to do, I just gave a wink and that win them all smile.

She says, can I visit, I am not sure, I want to say,
- Are you a prostitute? -

But that is pretty Gauche or Left, classless in English, but she could be, I hate this job of trying to figure out, are you a prostitute or not. IF you are one, please where a name tag, or a price tag. But you not prostitutes can also help out and ask to marry me, and make me meet your mother. A mother is a good clue.

Oh well, the girl Carol, I am still working on the name. It could be Karen, she cannot write it, she really speaks some Benin native language and French is a learned to use language.

She cannot write her name, looking up words in the dictionary with her, does no good. I am learning French in the most natural way, through a process of accidentally using a word, and seeing how it is a word, and how they used it.

But she is a cute teacher, I am sure the accent would make a French person die in their sleep. But who cares, there are too many French in France anyway. The have less than replacement birthrate, they are not even breeding enough to keep the same number, they are disappearing.

Carol went to lunch with me, I think she like it, I am not sure she ever seen ten dollars spent in one spot before. The Lebanese restaurant is expensive, it will be my last time today, the prices did not jive with the last time, so no more trips to this one. It is a great restaurant, I just did not do the negotiation need with the Arab Lebanese mind, I will not allow his clever mind to enjoy again. They love to be too clever.

All the major restaurants and hotels seem to be either Lebanese or French. Like they are always the management and the blacks are the workers, there does not seem to be a problem, I think it is a motivational problem if there is a problem.

Ran out of will to write on this, she is funny girls, comes over in the afternoon to chat for one hour and leaves. DueMay, or French for tomorrow, what she does at night is a mystery, I cannot speak French enough to inquire clearly.

Many photos of the story as it happened on the way to eat chicken, and she takes me to the market to try to buy things for her, which did not happen.

Note, she is 20 and no way to stop them here, I must learn French.... big problems.

Afternoon Togo Girl