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Africa MRS or Marriage Degree

2006-09-04 04:27:00

Africa MRS or Marriage Degree
Lome Togo

We used to say in University that that girl,
- She is working on her MRS degree. -

She only came to college to get married to a successful man. Gold digger, etc, many people are absurdly cynical about love, I am still a true believer, probably why I have never married, heheheā€¦

Culture Analogies or maybe culture comparison.

People are only spapshot capable of viewing subject, the internet is a miracle in its interactive nature, I could post something and many years later a person could connect and idea to a post that I would not imagine is related, however it is when you think of the layers of the cake.

Studying Cultures, probably the modern culture of a society may tell me more what Africa wants, then to observing the primitives, they are not even in the line to ask for something.

What they want, not what they need, what then want is yet to be socialized by their peers.

Africa MRS or Marriage Degree