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Africa Healthy Eating Diarrhea

2006-09-26 01:49:00

Africa Healthy Eating Diarrhea
Cotonou, Benin West Africa
Friday, September 15, 2006

I ate nothing, well almost nothing yesterday; I ate one piece of one-dollar cake bread. I have no idea what is was, I was hoping for Banana Bread which is common in areas where they grow bananas, however no luck.

Estimation, if I went to the toilet four times for about 10 hours, then I flushed it 40 times.

Healthy eating is killing me, there is a very tender balance between eating healthy and getting constant diarrhea.

frequent and excessive bowel movements: frequent and excessive discharging of the bowels producing abnormally thin watery feces, usually as a symptom of gastrointestinal upset or infection. (2)

Ooops, it not over, coffee is always on a fast tract, or is the word track; I drink my daily morning coffee and make a trip, normal routine.

Routine bowel movements are the secret to good bus trips, collective taxi trips, or 5-35 hour transportation of any kind. Most transportation on the planet does not have a toilet included, if you are always using transportation that does, then you are on well-used path.


I have what I call Type II Diarrhea; it is not from bad food, bad water, or some type of small bug, virus, or other infestations of my body. It is because I ate the wrong foods, not the wrong foods, the wrong combinations of foods and quantities.

I ate on Wednesday:
1. VEG - One jar of Gherkin Pickets, middle size.
2. PRO - Two small bags of Peanuts.
3. MILK -Two-Five glassed of concentrated NIDO milk.
4. VEG - Can of Kidney beans.
5. MILK - Two ice yogurt snacks, a bar of yogurt.
6. ENERGY -A bag of fake or copy Snicker bars, about 10 small things.

Hmm, where is the Fruit? Ok, I screwed up on the fruit, but a jar of pickles does not mix well with peanuts, and for sure, the kidney beans did something.

I think the breads take the heat off the vegetables and the fruits, I on the other hand have an almost impossible problem to solve, or for sure an expensive one. I shall not or should not eat a whole jar of pickles, or a hole can of kidney beans. It is too much, out of balance, more than the body can probably consume efficiently. It is expensive because this food must either be eaten or flushed down the toilet.

Crap, just not true, they would not eat it even if I tried to share it, for one thing, it is not common food for them they would turn up their nose and pass. A beggar may in one in five cases take the food, but they really are working for money, not for food. I always try to give extra food to the beggars. I eat something, it is too much, and I give the leftover to the oversupply of either lazy or maimed person on the planet, sometime too old, drunk, or blind.

Giving away food is difficult work, I can give away bags of rice, they can easily sell, but to give away one helping is difficult.

The problem is my preoccupation, plus an inordinate amount of free time to dwell or search for healthy foods. I spend at least one-two hours per day trying to find food to eat, which is nutritious. I am still in a quandary as to whether my Multi-vitamin loading works, can I exchange my lack of Fruits with a vitamin. Is it he same, I am sure a veggie will say now, but a chemical is a chemical, I just think the vitamins are washed or in the tract to fast, they are not absorbed well; I am eating capsules a lot though.

I will eat only half cans of food, or less, use my toilet as a garbage disposal and be more careful with the peanuts. I really should give up eating peanuts, a minor addiction. Protein is over-rated and so are milk products.

Funny note, and collaborated by a soldier in East Timor, Cheese is the way to bind a person up, a Soldier will I guess, eat a can of cheese before they go out on reconnoiter of whatnot, this slows the bowels, and maybe even helps the body absorb more nutrients.

I cannot leave until the body stops getting rid waste, it is dangerous, complicated, and embarrassing to travel with diarrhea, and I need a window of eight hours of no movement to be able to travel in Africa or for me…

I am extremely type A, Alpha Male, I will stop a whole bus, get off, and fight the dingalings to get my point across. I must go, luckily has only happened about three times in nine years of travel. I am not going to poop my pants, to be gentle with people, they sacrifice not me.

On a really no need to know basis, I have noticed, the women here do not squat to urinate, they pull up their dresses, then stand, spread and somehow point where they want to urinate, the number one, not two. Not normal on the planet, normally they just squat, what is natural is what I try to learn. I want to know where the human civility has overridden what is natural. Spitting, coughing up phlegm is normal, I believe a person should tactfully learn how to spit and clear they body by coughing in the morning, blowing the nose with a tissue is not normal, with one finger is normal. Keeping the body full of fluids that should be naturally excreted in the sinus, nose, lungs, or wherever this mucous and stuff accumulates is unhealthy I believe.

However, to eat peppers, spicy foods, that would eat the color off a copper penny are not good. Acid is what causes them to spit, over secretion of mucous to protect the linings of the throat and such.

I am good to go, my body is clean, great way to lose a pound of weight, just eat the wrong combinations off foods.

The pollution of Contonou made me nauseous I was not able to walk or the fumes of the motorcycles would make me sick, one of the most polluted streets in the world in my experience.

Africa Healthy Eating Diarrhea

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