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Africa Bullies

2006-09-14 02:41:00

Africa Bullies
Ouidah Benin
Saturday, September 9, 2006

The macho here is same, sort of bullies, I am learning to walk or avoid groups of boys, or men. On the side street, without a major amount of people around they can be dangerous. I was thinking of Brazil, there was always the bullies in the back of the bus drunk, reminds me now of Africa.


- You let a bully come into your front yard, the next day he'll be on your porch. -

Lyndon Baines Johnson

- Brute force, the law of violence, rules to a great extent in the poor man's domicile; and woman is little more than his drudge. -

Sarah Moore Grimké
U.S. abolitionist and social reformer.
Letter from Brookline

Intimidation is the bread and bother of a bully, not speaking the language make me have a difficult time separating their intentions. I must and do trust my instincts.

The HDI is overly emphatic on women’s rights; this may help me understand why so many of the Africa countries are wagging their tales, trying to be on the bottom. French and Black, a sort of interesting combinations, the French have an overzealous idea of being correct, maybe sophisticated, then the Black countries are sort of Frenchie bully in a class system way.

There is presently about three Mercedes Benz in the hotel parking, it is not the poor baby, deprived and missing, these country take more than they give. The divide between upper and lower is immense in Africa, I have never see this level of separation. They act or say there is in India, but I do not see it, there are groups that have zero chance, unless the move away or somehow loses whom they were born.

Africa Bullies

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