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Africa All My Screws Lose

2006-09-11 03:42:00

Africa All My Screws Lose
Lome Togo
Thursday, September 5, 2006

My computer is fixed; one screw in the hard drive was missing and causes a weak connection.

I surely have all my screws lose…

I go the blue screen on my laptop, the kiss of death… I have learned that this means on my laptop and I feel probably most laptop one of the electrical connections is bad.

I have had to now reseat the RAM and the entire plug in type module type jobbies multiple times. It will fix the blue screen on my Presario hp Pavilion zt3000 computer. Maybe a Compaq but all a mess to me now.

I remove all the little covers take the small baby out and put back in the problem is the screwdrivers and the head get bad easy.

Today, I learned, most of the screws in the box were loose, the casing or whatnot were loose, this has not happened since Bolivia and the vibration of driving on a road cut out of rock vibrated the bus so bad any screwed part or nut and bolt I owned came apart.

I need my computer screwed together good again or I am screwed… Hehehee,

I just reinserted a screw that was gone from the hard drive, it pulled it in a centimeter or fraction of and inch, maybe 1/16 th of an inch, on a computer this amount of space could be the death.

My guess is about 80 percent of all what is called hard drive crash, is really just loose connections. I keep going into electrical shops and looking for some type of spray that would increase connectivity of connections or clean them for nothing else.

It behooves a person who is selling computer to tell you, your computer is bad, you need a new computer. Never take advice from someone who can make money by giving you bad advice.

I am trying now to get it to freeze; I hope I fixed the annoying problem.

My Grandfather, one of my Mentors, used to say,
- There are no mechanics anymore, there are just part changers, they will continual to change parts until they change the one that broke accidentally. -

I like to upgrade this to algorithms; all of life is a sequential step by step, or chain of events. Causal Determinism

- :belief that everything is caused: the doctrine or belief that everything, including every human act, is caused by something and that there is no real free will. -

Everything before caused and all is determined by prior events. A somewhat twist on the nature / nurture discussion.

A mechanic sees that this causes this, and that causes that, they are able to isolate the problem. I presently am finding more problems with hardware, and very few problems with software.

I am quite sure in the past I had a simple electrical connection problem and decide the computer was junk after listening to the advice of many so-called experts.

For me computer fixing is annoying, the prior knowledge, the list of parts, the numbers of parts is too high, and only with a very boring, the computer is not that complicate, however technical staff like to make it seem more complicated. They do not think I causal relations, they keep offering things to fix or change, therefore what my grandfather says is true, not mechanics, only parts changers. Presently, I will access a computer hardware technician the same a mechanic. I am awesomely mechanical, and only hire a mechanic because I am bored with it, plus a very dirty job. The new cars need a computer expert.

I guarantee if I had taken the computer to a computer expert, they would have said, your hard drive is crashing. I am not sure I understand this term, I think it mean the spin cycle stops working right, or a huge magnetic force corrupted something.

Africa All My Screws Lose