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2006 September 9 Enter Benin

2006-09-13 03:24:00

2006 September 9 Enter Benin
Ouidah Benin
Saturday, September 9, 2006

I crossed the border from Togo to Benin today, and extremely easy crossing, however I was there at a quarter 7:45, the time though seems to have changed, in Benin the time is 8;45. This could be a long process if there was many persons as the man took down everything under the sun, did a very good job and was thorough.

I needed to know a Hotel,
I need to know a profession and say in French.
My Visa Entente worked perfect, he seem to want to know how long I would stay in the first hotel

It was easy, then I paid 1000 CFA to go to Grand Popo in a very crowded car, there are hotels on the Hilla Conji Benin, and one sign that said Internet, however I do not know. A large market on the Hilla Conji Benin side of the border, with what appears to be large amounts of vegetables.

2006 September 9 Enter Benin