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Workaholic Hobo in Africa

Workaholic Hobo in Africa
Aflao Ghana
Monday, August 28, 2006

I wake up everyday of the year between 5 and 7 in the morning, unless I have jet lag. Then I wake up 7 hours after I drop, or intermittent.

I work on the computer everyday of the year; I am almost insanely obsessed with doing my work. I have no idea what I do, I just type into this computer, and enter data, ideas, manipulate, plan, scheme, connive and try to control myself, or really not control myself. I just spend about 2 hours per day typing, that is my workaholic tendency.

I want my
- Completion High -

I want to start a thought and finish a thought, I want to start and finish things on my computer, only about 30 percent of that is blogging. The rest is my never-ending research, collecting, categorizing, analyzing of something I have collected. I guess they have to be a concept of idea to be typed into a computer, sometimes it is photos, not the same, but some how it is digital.

This computer problem is interfering with my obsessive workaholic behavior. I need my fix.

I think of the ever board people sitting in some cubicle, in a high rise building, stealing some time from their captors to read my blog postings. Come and visit…?

Ok, empathy, care, do I care, should I care, my mother for sure does not like to hear me ramble, I like to hear my self ramble, it sounds like tying, a little internet utterance in my throat, a thought transliterated to something real, or characteristics of real.

The bottom line is I like to travel and look at people, I especially like West Africa, and they do some strange things. Many people like photos, but I already have the photos in my brain, I keep it, store it and know it, and it does not need to be published to the internet for me to know I have it in my brain.

However, there is a trade I make with the internet, I put up something it give me money. I know, my typing is not going to make me money, well… not my rambling about computer problems. I suppose using the word Ghana with the word Girl would make me money, I know this combination is a moneymaker.

However, in the end, I need to make the search engines happy… Not true, I type or enter things people want to know.

Some kid out there, bored, interested, curious is typing as I type, the word,
- Ghana -

The finds too many pages, learn maybe and hopefully to type,
- Ghana Photos -

Maybe I show up, the, maybe my nieces and nephews learn a little about the world. That is reward enough, just a maybe… I will put up idea or concepts of world knowledge; at least I will pose some questions.

So I ramble on, knowing, trying to use every possible permutation, combination or words relate or popular for searches about Ghana, I have even have programs to find these key words, I do not use, sometimes, but I do not think I have touched in a year.

Workaholic Hobo in Africa