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West Africa Multiple Country Visa

2006-08-04 03:29:00

West Africa Multiple Country Visa
West Africa Visa Entente

Multiple Country Visa to:
Benin - Togo - Niger - Burkina Faso - Ivory Coast
25,000 CFA and in the same day at the Benin Embassy in Abibjan, Ivory Coast.

Benin Embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Plateaux Deau
Rue du Jardins
05 Degrees 22.245 North
003 Degrees 59.395 West
Elevation 77 Meters

Everything went right today, I went to the Benin Embassy here in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and got 5 Visas at one time. The one was not needed, because I am already in the Ivory Coast. They call this Visa the
- Visa Touristique Entente -

I would call it a Multiple Country Visa, good for 60 days and a windfall in the West Africa Visa world. Everything went perfect.

I paid 200 CFA to go to Imperial or New Bassam
I paid 500 CFA with station wagon to go to Macory.

I got a meter taxi to the Niger Embassy.
Read the address and showed the guy many times.
He took me to the Nigeria Embassy, NOT the Niger Embassy.
Went into the Nigeria Embassy, they only give visas for Cote Ivoire People.
I was already on Plateaux and decided, Benin sounds nicer than Niger.
Went to Benin, Embassy on Plateaux Deux.
Made application, needed two photos, only had one.

Cash Center is Grocery Store
05 Degrees 21.863 North
003 Degrees 59.395 West

Went to cash center grocery, flirted with girls inside, bought some cheap in a bag yogurt.

Magic Photos is in front of Cash Center
05 Degrees 21.863 North
003 Degrees 59.395 West

Then went to magic photos, paid 5000 CFA for 12 Photo, about 10 dollars or 7.50 dollars more than the world cheap country rate. Tried to buy 4 Panasonic rechargeable batteries, they wanted 20,000 CFA or 40 Dollars U.S., I say no, but think they could send from the USA for that much.
(I am thinking about the French…)
Some guy wants to sit down and talk, says will meet me at Georges at 12, never shows up.
Got on the Internet at Georges, way-too-expensive Internet for 1000 CFA per hour, I pay 300 in Grand Bassam and it works. The machine has so many temps on it, that it will not work. blogger.com will not work, because the machine is too much, of too something, and of course it says cookies needs enabled.
Walked down the street, went into another nice Lebanese restaurant where they wanted 8 dollars U.S. for a 2 dollars pizza, I purchase a 1 dollar pizza. Went into the really clean and nice toilet. The girl follows me in, I think this is different and shows me there is no water.
(I now think Lebanese, I think expensive.)
Went to Benin Embassy at 2, pickup the Visa. She was extremely nice, however did not speak English well enough to explain, says 60 day visa.
Took a meter taxi to the Gare de Bassam.

The man took me by the correct the station wagon stop, but would not stop, I am trying to get out, he just keeps on going.
Goes around in a circle, the cost is 3500 CFA, I say tough, give him 2500 and jump out. Jungle rules, are applied by me, might means right.
Sit next to a man in the Station Wagon all the way to Grand Bassam that is wet with BO. Beautiful girl gets in with wonderful cleavage, smiles at me, but leave at after 5 minutes. 9 guys in a Station Wagon, going for Bassam.
I arrive in Imperial of Bassam, pay the 500 CFA for trip from Abidjan.
Flag a taxi to Carte France, or WHAAF, and pay 200 CFA.
After stopping any water or fluid intake when I got to the Benin Embassy, I was happy to make it back to the Hotel and a toilet. Only looking for toilet for 4 hours, and the nice restaurant makes me laugh.
What a great day, I got 4 Visas I needed for 50 Dollars USA, and there is hope they work.

I think I thrive on Chaos, the more difficult, the better.
Spell Checker does not work on French.

West Africa Multiple Country Visa

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