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West Africa Moving to City

West Africa Moving to City
Shama Ghana
Thursday, August 17, 2006

The small village of Shama is about one-half hour to one hour from Tokoradi, a city of 250,000 plus. I try to empathize on how a person lives, where they work, how they find a wife, what they do at night to relieve the daily boredoms.

This may not be the correct word, maybe not the correct way of thinking about this; it may be closer to correct to say,
- Tokoradi is exciting. -

Excitement, mental stimulation, the desire for money, a way to leave the mother and father and have freedom. There are many reasons to move from Shama to Tokoradi, or at least go and work in the city. Fishing is the number one industry in Shama, it is my opinion, and however the farming around here seems scarce.

There is a worldwide fashion, desire; I am not going to say need to move from rural areas to cities. The demographics of population are changing, and it is hard to know when it will reach saturation.

People are trapped when they migrate to the city or another country, their pride says they cannot return, and they burn their bridges, or just do not have enough money to return home. In addition, even if they do return home, the life would never be exciting again, it not necessarily that the excitement was fun or enjoyable, it was even violent and stupid, however it was better than doing nothing, it was different.
Solutions to this migration away from rural is difficult, the only way these people will stay in their small village is if they are offered a job better than they could ever get in the city. Placing factories in cities in many ways destroys the nuclear family and dooms a society to an inner city ghetto. With an overabundance of factories the city thrives, with too few there are bigger ghettos. I tend to think they should put all the large factories in extremely rural areas or the world will slowly become a bigger and bigger ghetto.

West Africa Moving to City