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West Africa Danger

2006-08-25 07:27:00

West Africa Danger
Tema Ghana
Friday, August 25, 2006

I am continually trying to get my danger bearing, is this place dangerous, it seems safer than South America and for sure Central America or Mexico for just plane quick thefts, They have not really tried to steal or make me feel they would just rob me.

I have been accosted though by over-zealous, you have money, I do not, and you need to give it to me, or I will stand here and wait until you do. The one boy, a real young nut in Apam grabbed my ponytail band after I forgot it and was holding it hostage for money. I stepped on his foot and said give it to me, he face was about five inches from mine, a 12 year-old nutter.

Loes starts to holler at him and he gave it up, I was going to divorce the little thingy, after I had put my 180 pounds on his foot in my best smash of toes. I meant to itimidate, however really did not work.

This is the problem, intimidation does not work, either the vitamin deficit brain is not reacting or they just like violence. Extremely abnormal in the 80 percent of the planet called the developing world, however would be common in Europe and the USA. I think the men hanging around in the park in Berlin were some of the most dangerous I had seen for just plain sit around and drink bums.

Mexico I suppose can be the same dangerous as here, it is annoyingly macho and they like a standoff, I suppose the men like a macho standoff, I seen this in Agadez, with the Turags in Niger, the men liked to do the are you going to move or am I thing.

Loes doe not think it is dangerous, I think she was in the I-am-saving-them, they are poor, they cannot be dangerous mode of crazy volunteers. Then again she spent here time in Africa giving them money, this is what they want and she is a second class citizen, in their minds, a woman, not a person to pay attention too.

There is always a difference between theft and physical violence, in the end, it is walking down an isolated dark street where a person is in danger the most of personal violence, no dark alleys. I am an independent traveler, I do not think I have seen, maybe one person, however, I have only seen one person beside me who was traveling alone.

West Africa Danger