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Watch My Unders

2006-08-20 03:25:00

Watch My Unders
Cape Coast Ghana
Sunday, August 20, 2006

Watch my unders,
Wash my unders.

I was warned, I am warned, I must be careful… There is danger in Ghana or Africa for me, and it is serious…. Hehehe

I was having a conversation with a girl from Ghana, she is studying in Accra to be a doctor, this is good. While in Tokoradi another girl commented or asked me if she could wash my clothing or if I wanted to have her wash my clothing, I have seen or felt this problem...

What is unders? Unders is underwear, somehow they have it shortened to unders with no remorse, thought, or care, it is how you say underwear, they are called unders. Maybe the Brits call them unders…

All this is not the story, the story is, I have been warned by an educated, wanna be doctor girl from Ghana, that studies in Accra, lives in Takwa, however says, Andy
- Wash your own unders…-
- Watch your unders...-

I must take care and count my unders, wash my unders, and be vigilant.

She warned me as to what can happens, she says maybe a person washes you clothes, you are not careful, they see your unders. Well, she take one of you unders and you do not notice, next thing she does is go to shrine and takes your unders. She offers you unders to the shrine, I lost it here, I am not sure, maybe she prays to the shrine, but the consequences are this.

After she offer my unders to the shrine, I will not be able to refuse her, I can never leave Africa, I will say yes to her. Maybe she wants me to stay, maybe she wants me to take here to USA, maybe she wants money.

I will not be able to refuse because what she is doing a spiritual thing, unless there is never a chance to take my unders. She must never have a chance to take my unders.

I asked her,
- Do you believe this? -
She says,
- Yes,-
She also says, English is choppy,
- Not only you unders, can cut your hair,-
- This is why some of the white people marry here and never go backs to their country, they will stay here until they die. -

Watch your unders,
Wash your own unders.