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Volunteers in Ghana

2006-08-25 07:10:00

Volunteers in Ghana
Cape Coast Ghana
Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I have been talking the last couple of days with a girl from Holland that volunteered to teach health education in northern Ghana. She is young, full of energy and calls herself a researcher. This is all intriguing to me, as I wish to do, and am doing research on malnutrition problems. There seems to be two types of people who do research, those who believe they know how to do research like my new friend or the professors from Penn State, or those who do not work with Universities or Colleges, however still do research.

That was confusing; I guess I am thinking there is this idea that a person has to be in a University systems or structure to do research. This is something, I am tempted to say dysfunctional, there is a label needed to give the person a title, then when they have a title, they will be a researcher.

It is like the Lion, I cannot remember, one of them got a diploma in the Wizard of Oz. However, suddenly the Wizard gives him a diploma and he is smart. Maybe more correctly he now or suddenly believes he is capable of being smart, because he has the label and the diploma.


To volunteer in Ghana, to volunteer in any country, a person must somehow channel the energy of a person towards a problem or solution. I know I am going to challenge the girl in the next two days, are you helping or hurting. Ahimsa the Hindu saying of
- First, do no harm -

Volunteers in Ghana