Tremendously Stupid Traveler

Tremendously Stupid Traveler
Tokoradi, Ghana
Monday, August 14, 2006

It is very dark, the streets of Tokoradi are not well lit, and the place is zoo in many ways, too many people, now the bars are opening in force. I went to the Internet Café to send a telephone number to my hosting company. I walk out, dark and a mess, I look to my right and a girl in flip flop sandals, the cheapie type, with a full backpack and skirt, white girl alone is walking towards I have no idea. She is moving fast, and I do not want to scare her, but I want here to get to a hotel, and off the streets.

I have been perusing the guidebook now for over 20 days, there is not a chapter I read that does not say,
- Do not walk after dark alone -
- Do not walk after dark -
- Stay in your Hotel after dark -

I do not know where the girl is going, I just know a person with all their personal belonging on her, probably has to have a minimum of 300 Dollars U.S. on her, is a great target. What a target of opportunity for some big jerk that wants to come and take it and her.

Nothing is more stupid than arriving after dark alone to a hotel, this girl is tremendously stupid, and she gets what she deserves in life.

I just cannot fathom how people can be so ignorant, it is as if they cannot make one small adjustment, any change in their routine is not possible. They are lemming trying to jump off a cliff.

Oh well, I can do nothing, I know the scenario, they just do not appreciate help, even if I tried. I take off walking back, I think there is a place that sells that Tampico Orange Drink, maybe has some vitamins, I remember always this is drink and not Orange Juice, but nonetheless, I get this maybe 12 ounce plastic bottle of the stuff, luke warm, but what can I do and start walking, Some man jumps up, and says in English,
- I have a drink of that -

I look at him like I am going to kill him, I want to, but do not. He stops dead in his track less than one foot from me, I brush him away and keep walking. This type of arrogance is rampant in Africa, big boys, not some little Asian or South American boys, these are big boys, still boys, but nonetheless, not like in South America where I weigh the same as two or Asia.

There is always an ironic coincidence about life, why does something reinforce my beliefs at just the right time to solidify opinions.

Note, I believe there is a genetic makeup to aggression, I consider countries like Germany the most aggressive on the planet, and then Scandinavian, then American, England, Central Europe, Russia, Arab Countries, Africa, then Asia, India, South America and Central America. Etc.

I see Africa as having a high genetic desire for violence, about in the middle, the codes of conduct is what stops countries like Germany from chaos, they need all them rules of they would kill each other.

Not all levels of aggression in all animals are the same, the world tries to make all equals and we are in most ways, but we are not the exact same animal.

What this is about, do not blindly override what is real and overlook what is real, there is more violent cultures, this is real, not a game. When this girl comes up missing, the only person in the world that will know will be her mother and father in some country far away from Africa, asking everyone how to find her missing daughter. The problem will not even be a speck on the day here.

Tremendously Stupid Traveler