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Travelers Reprieve

Travelers Reprieve
Cape Coast Ghana
Saturday, August 19, 2006

Reprieve, I wish to use this word, a reprieve is a temporary relief from harm or a postponement of punishment. Traveling is punishment, banishment sometimes from normal life, like an atonement of my sins only granted if I can also endure the punishment.

I am granted the right to travel, because I agree to accept and pay the price, I am punished along the path; I have to run a gauntlet of hardships. If I will enter the gauntlet, keep my complaints to a minimum, I can continue, if they overwhelm my spirit, I will need to go home. Many persons recommend I go home and stop traveling when I am blogging complaints for too long, however they do not see, as I do that this is the enduring nature of travel, it is gauntlet ran through hardships to pay the price of entering the game.

I am not clear in my mind why I feel the word reprieve today, maybe because I know here in Cape Coast I have internet, I can stop worrying for a day. I was also able to purchase two large economy size, hunky books to read in English here, and there is hope of replenishing my supply. I am on a 2-3 day cycle of reading books. Every 2-3 days I start a new book, this is fine with me, but carrying the weight is onerous.

Travelers Reprieve