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Travel Advice Without Prices is Not Nice

2006-08-12 04:02:00

Travel Advice Without Prices is Not Nice
Aboisso Ivory Coast - Cote d'Voire
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I am in an area of the planet whereby travel information gets difficult to find, I am aware always that people could use my blog to help guide them through West Africa. I am taking some note for myself as guidelines on how to blog, the operative thing is people always need to say price, or I need to say price. I do not care or want advice on a hotel, unless the price of the hotel is included. I am on a budget, the whole world has a budget, I do not care, and the price is an absolute need. I consider advice without a price, not nice. I actually consider when a person gives me a recommendation on a hotel and does not say the price extreme idiocy. To not care about price, value, and comparisons to other hotel prices just make me frustrate and a sign of very childish to me, a slave to temptations, not of learned choices. It is like say, the ice cream was wonderful. That is nice.

It is easier for me to take note, and to make guides on what is essential in a Travel Journal when I am in a high need to know destination. In the end, it all comes down to what I cannot learn yet in my French books, the interrogatives. I need to include, who, when, why, what, how, how much etc. in all my blog post. A start and a finish, this is why many people say I give practical adviceā€¦ hehehe. I am not giving practical advice, I am commenting in a practical and what I would say logical manner. Not just an opinion, the whole story, what I wish the journalist would do a little of, and have completely stopped doing.

Travel Advice Without Prices is Not Nice