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Tough Travelers

Tough Travelers
Akatsi Ghana
Sunday, August 27, 2006

I read many books, they are war, action, historical novels, and all are permeated with Alpha Males and women that are heroes. A world where people stood for something and did not stand against everything.

I am reading this Nelson DeMille book called, the Lions Game about a Libyan terrorist, that is being a macho kill everyone problem for the USA. The terrorist has this self-talk thing where he keeps saying that Americans are weak, have their brains on all the wrong things, and cannot really be tough.

I know a few travelers that I would say can do the tough travel, however most, 95 percent do not. There is this group though that will go about anywhere as long as everyone else is going there. They will ride for 24 hours in a bus in Bolivia, providing all the other travelers are going the same way. Almost zero will go anywhere where they perceive danger, the Ivory Coast is empty now, but I would not call it danger, however danger is not always obvious.

I am trying to get in touch or feel why people travel to different locations, or more correctly, why they do not. I am sitting and typing information about Africa, I rather obsess on danger and why it is dangerous, or why it is not. My mother perceives me saying it is dangerous here, I do think physical violence is more possible than most places on the planet, but going into the east end of Fort Wayne, Indiana close to my home is 20 times more dangerous than here.

Comparison is needed, however difficult to do this, most travelers just stick their heads in the sand and say,
- It is safe -
- It is not safe, and do not go there. -

I see all places safe on the planet under the right conditions; I do not go to a place that is dangerous. I do go to the East end of Fort Wayne, Indiana, however not with a lot of money hanging out of my pockets, or late at night.

The late at night, around drunken people, groups of men, these are indicators of problems. There are men that sit in groups, doing nothing, as is the play of the day here in Africa, and then sometimes holler, wanting me to come and talk, about 80 percent are OK, but too lazy to get off their butts and come to meet me, I normally talk with people that meet me rather half way, and do not go talk with groups bigger than me mentally.

Africa has been surprisingly easy travel, South America is a lot more difficult, 24 hours bus trips, bouncing and jostling, however I think Africa can be a nightmare of bad roads when I leave the coast.

Tough Travelers