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Stereos Loud Speakers and Chickens

2006-08-14 04:45:00

Stereos Loud Speakers and Chickens
Takoradi Ghana
Friday, August 11, 2006

Three big noisemakers of the world.

I suppose the roosters crowing are the worst, they can crow at about any hour of the day or night. Sometimes they will start around 2:00 AM and never stop.

Presently here on the outside wall room or street side room of the Mosden Hotel I have some person with some type of loudspeaker system announcing something. He did it all yesterday, it is 6:54, I am awake now, and it started well before I started to type. I get up at this time of before, not problem, however I was getting used to Africa being quiet, now I am feeling like I am back in Delhi, India.
There is a four lane, larger highway in front of the hotel and the big bus stop of Tokoradi, Ghana. People with stereos are just rude, totally unpredictable and hard to say who or when a person is going to use a stereo.

I am surprised, I have not really been aware of the Islamic Prayer system, they have very large speaker systems and sometimes the voices singing or chanting the prayers are grating, not always, sometime it is wonderful. Maybe a holy feel about it, not normally though, however like any religion, not everyone in a religion is holy.

Sleeping with a bar is always noisy, but that is obvious, almost standard fare in Europe. The Hotel I am moving into just down the street on Sarbah the Amelia Hotel has a bar in front, maybe it will be noisy. I am trying to get a room in the rear.

I found the Lonely Planet was saying the Zenith was loud, not the Amenla, the Amenla is very quiet at night.

Stereos Loud Speakers and Chickens