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Skeleton Keys Locks

2006-08-12 03:57:00

Skeleton Keys Locks
Aboisso Cote d-Voire - Ivory Coast
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The Hotel Bemosso, which I would consider pretty safe, has the Skeleton Keys like very old fashion doors, or maybe those in Argentina. I was lying in my bed, studying French, when the key pops out of the lock from my side of the door. It lands on the floor, and then a man proceeds to open the door and then says,
- Excuse Moi Monsieur or Excuse me Sir -

I looked at the key with a lack of comfort when they gave it to me upon renting the room the first time. I lock all my stuff of bigger value in a bag and tie it to the bed, I do not trust any lock in any hotel, unless is it is MINE, I want my padlock on the door, and often as not now, this does not happened, so I am constantly using the light dog chain to connect it to a big piece of furniture or my bed.

I always lock the bed, the more expensive the hotel the more I lock, because in the more expensive hotels the cleaning ladies have free run of my room and it is common for them to enter. I prefer to stay in the cheaper where the cleaning is only done after you leave.

Skeleton Keys Locks